Why Is It Good to Have a Dog as Your Pet?

Min Liu By Min Liu, 24th Nov 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Dogs are best friends to humans, and it's so true!

My New Buddy

No offense to all cat people, I argue on behave of all dog lovers, that dog is the best pet! I hadn't drawn that conclusion before several months after the arrival of my real first dog buddy, Marley, who now, is officially my best friend--it's hard not to crown him that title, for we literally stay with one another 7/24 now. This past summer and fall were my prep time for 2015 Chinese Aptitude Test for Translator and Interpreter test, so I spent a good deal of time staying in to study and practice while Marley accompanied me every step of the way. So, why dogs triumph cats in pet companionship? I have come across with both of the canine and feline, and let me lay out my reasons.

My Reasons

Mental Comfort. Yes, Marley is a big one! Oh, I almost forget to introduce him, now, at the time of writing, a 1 year and 4 days old Labrador Retriever, boy, and my family took him in when he was about 2 months old. He comes from a fabulous breed, but more, he is unique.

Apparently so far, a bond between him and us has been formed in a way beyond the power of words to verbalize. He is our joy, and has brought a lot of laughter into our home. He shows his passion to us almost whenever we switch our attention to him. Perhaps, cats or other animals do that too, but I bet few, if not none, would burst into ecstasy when seeing you come home, or ask to play a game with them when noticing you are available Physical Routine. Right, dogs are a habitual species, who would go anxious if off their routines.

The obligation to walk Marley turns out to be a good sweaty workout! Only when he reached 20kg did I find out this benefit, for I, an approximate 50kg healthy female with full limbs, really have to hold on to that leash so as to keep him in control.

Now, with his stable 29kg weight and active and playful nature, I need to put more physical effort to meet the demand in our daily walk, about which I don't mind at all, since I can totally free the weight problem from the list of my concerns! Again, hardly would a cat protest for your quality time of sweat, right?

So, there they are, my reasons to hail for Marley's presence in my life, to speak up for man's best friend from the ancient times, and to express my love toward dogs! Yes, it is definitely good to get a dog for a pet!


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