Why Flats On Rent In Mumbai Are High in Demand?

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Everyone wants to have their own place –a place to call home. And for people who move around a lot, such as college kids, or even young adults with fancy jobs, flats on rent provide the perfect little space to call home.

Why Flats On Rent In Mumbai Are High in Demand?

Apartments are perfect little spaces to feel at home in. And if you do not want to commit to settling down in one place, flats on rent are the perfect solution to your living situation problems.

1 BHK flats on rent, and 2 BHK flats on rent, are gaining quite a bit of popularity in today’s real estate market. The broker’s supply is met with equal demand all year round. And, especially so if you live in a metropolis city such as Mumbai.
But the real question is, why are rented apartments gaining such popularity? And the answer is all around us –in our generation, in our surroundings –everywhere!

1. No commitments.

If you are not looking for the added responsibility of maintaining your own place, then rented apartments are the perfect fix. Most people seem to be too busy with their lives. Whether they are too busy with studies, or their job, or even too bus partying, most people do not have time to shoulder the responsibility of a pet, let alone their own house.

Renting an apartment ensures that you have a space to live, which your landlord maintains for you. If you’re lucky, you might even get a deal where your electricity and other utilities’ bill is included in your rent itself. This ensures that you only pay upfront to your landlord once a month, and you are saved from all worry till the next month rolls around.

2. You can move out anytime you like.

For people who like to travel, rented apartments seem to be a godsend. They can crash at some place in one city one month, and be on another continent on the next month. Renting flats works out cheaper than hotels.

These apartments are small, and they suit people’s immediate needs. They can be made cozy to feel like home for a short while, and they are not too difficult to pack up and leave either.

3. They are cheaper!

Rented apartments work out way cheaper than buying your own house –or even your own flat for that matter. Buying a house usually involves paying a lot of money upfront when you initially buy it. That takes years of savings, and drains bank accounts really fast. Houses are also constant commitments. You need to have proper maintenance, security, etc.

With a rented apartment, comes a landlord, who basically shoulders all the responsibility of owning the house. And so, the renter is exempt from any worrying burdens.

This is why rented apartments are slowly but surely gaining so much popularity. Especially in busy and happening cities like Mumbai, these are a boon to have. It is true that it is a pain finding a flat on rent that fits your budget. But once that is done, these one or 2 BHK flats in Mumbai, that are on rent, can prove to be very good homes for short spans of time.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Oct 2015 (#)

The younger generation are more on the move than the sedate older ones. Rented apartments are perfect fit for the footloose.

Another push factor for renting an apartment in Mumbai is the sky-high price that is much higher than similar ones in other parts of the world even - siva

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