Why Excuses Can Ruin Your Relationship

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While excuses can be a way to avoid doing what we don't want to do,when it gets into our relationship.It can destroy it.

Are You Giving To Many Excuses?

Giving excuse is a way of life.and everyday, thousands of people on the face of the earth give excuses for even the most absurd reasons.Excuses are given for not wanting to go to work.Excuses are given for not wanting to see someone.Excuses are given when we simply don't feel like giving answers to question thrown at us at a particular moment.

Excuses cannot be avoided because somehow they serve as a way to prevent us from
doing what we don't want to do at a time or moment we don't feel like doing it.Sometimes as a way of avoiding certain issues from rising up we give reasons that seem quite hard to believe.

Nobody is free from giving excuses.Husband give excuses to wives just so they can watch a football match on tv. Wives give excuses to their husbands just so they can get that extra cash to buy that necklace or ring they have set their eyes onfor a long time.

Children give excuses to parents when they don't want to do their homework but want to go out and play.and likewise parents also give excuses to their children when they
don't want to take then to the park.

If excuses can be good for one person it might spell disappointment for another person. When you give an excuse for not coming to work,this might be a disappointing moment in the life of your employer who perhaps relies on the good job you have been doing to finish a project which he/she as a matter of urgency must submit to the client.While you might be turning in your bed and thinking of how to spend the rest of the day,your employer must find a very good excuse to give to his/her client as to why
he is behind schedule.

While it might be hard to tell why we ever give excuses at all,the excuses we give can touch every aspect of our lives and leave a permanent or temporary mark on it.And while our life can be affected in various ways,when it touches our relationships,this may lead to complete distrust on the part of one partner or both and eventually lead to a break up.

If relationships are stable and loving, then excuses can ruin that stability.This can be more evident when excuses enter into the area of intimacy.While couples work hard to build a loving relationship, excuses for not having sex is quite common. Excuses run perhaps equally on both sides as both partners do not lack words to describe the so many reasons why they cannot have sex.

This seeming battle ground of excuses may turn the relationship into one of mutual suspicion where both partners may be thinking that their better half is secretly seeing someone else and may start keeping track of their behavior pattern.

While excuses are given for reason best know to us,the one area we should avoid giving so much excuses is in between the sheets.Getting excuses off and having a great time loving is not difficult.What is needed is to get the days worries out of our minds and not to think of what tomorrow will bring along with it ,Let tomorrow take care of itself.Think of taking care of the moments pleasure and stop giving excuses.


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author avatar akram saqib
8th Aug 2012 (#)

dealings in daily life are the touch stone of one's personality. The articles throws a lot of light on one aspect. thanks for sharing

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author avatar A K Rao
8th Aug 2012 (#)

In realtionship understanding and dedication is a must!There is no role of pretence and excuses here! Thanks !

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author avatar coolmoney
8th Aug 2012 (#)

Thanks for your comments.

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