Why Do Men Lie?

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However, the most interesting is the goal behind their lies. Yes, men often choose to lie in order to maintain a relationship with you.

Men lie ..why ?

Most women consider the most intelligent men to spit the words, even lie, in order to conquer the hearts of the idol or reduce emotional partner. This assumption turned out to be true! In fact, according to research conducted by Dr.. Phil McGraw, when reaching the age of 60 years, said he has a record of more than 100,000 lies to women. Figures are astounding is not it?

However, the most interesting is the goal behind their lies. Yes, men often choose to lie in order to maintain a relationship with you. So, why do men lie? Let's join together with me to find out why.

For the sake of your happiness
Consciously or not, the fact she was so happy to hear compliments from their partner. Although you also know when he is lying. Well, in this case a man decides to lie with a bit of "favored" praise. Suppose that when you are asked about weight, most men will speak "You beautiful," or "Your body nice, dear," to avoid your anger.

Avoiding the debate
There are times when you and your partner do not agree on one thing, and both have their own opinion. At times like this most men will choose to pretend to agree. This option was taken by a man to avoid a lengthy debate. Can you imagine honey, how long the debate when each camp insisted the opinion of each.

Keeping The good image
It is very difficult for a man to admit he was doing poorly in front of her. With reality as it is, to justify itself in the eyes of you, he will cover it with lies. Nothing else this is just to save yourself from the problem.

Avoid Something
If before the he often did lie because they want to get something or make you do something for him, this time he would lie to avoid things that can not chill. The reason is simple, he would lie so know that you offer absolutely no he wanted. For him, it is better to lie than doing something he hates.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
5th Oct 2012 (#)

A good analysis. However most of those lies are white lies, harmless and meant to diffuse any situation. Nowadays it is called practical intelligence, to say the right word at the right time.
Permit me to add lying is not the exclusive privilege of men.

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