Why Are So Many 8 Year Olds Dressing Like Prostitutes?

Rebecca Scarlett By Rebecca Scarlett, 12th Jul 2010 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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An examination of why young girls are wearing such inappropriate clothing.

Why Are So Many 8 Year Olds Dressing Like Prostitutes?

It seems we all agree that 8 years olds should not dress like prostitutes. It is disgusting to see girls this age and in the age range a few years older wearing short skirts that say "juicy" on the rear and t-shirts displaying a pair of apples over the breasts with the words "home grown" emblazoned over them.
But this problem is not isolated. It has multiple causes and results in more than discomfort for the people who have to see children dressed this way.
Why do young children wish to dress in this fashion? Children have always raced to grow up, to attain privileges above their age, and this is not likely to change. There are other factors, however. In the fashion industry, there is not a single female deemed "acceptable" if they are shorter than 5'7" and/or weigh more than 110 lbs, and Hollywood is almost as bad. In short, they are toothpicks, with the bodies of 12 year old boys...or 8 year old girls. These girls look at their mothers and see that their mothers would not look good (according to what they see on tv, that is) in "sexy" clothes, and they see that even girls a few years older than themselves, who have developed breasts and hips, would not look like models and stars in that clothing either. They, on the other hand, do. This may be an unconscious thought process but it is dangerous. When girls this age wear these clothes, we end up with 8, 9 and 10 year olds being raped. We end up with 30, 40, even 50 year old men hitting on 13 and 14 year old girls, (perhaps) thinking them to be in their 20s.
We also end up with adult women in their 20s going clothes shopping and ending up depressed and feeling terrible about themselves because they will never fit into a size 00, all the time forgetting that the only reason this size exists is because adult clothing is now being produced for 10 year old girls. How many cases of anorexia are produced or worsened because it is the practice of stores to display the smallest size available? No adult woman could ever weigh 75 lbs...largely because she is not 10 years old!
So perhaps it is obvious why young girls wish to dress this way--they want to emulate adults and their idols on television--but they do not understand the consequences of doing so. Their parents, however, should. As long as parents are footing the bill for their children’s clothing, they should be making sure that it is appropriate.
What ever happened to the plain t-shirts that came down far enough to cover my rear and the corduroy pants (sometimes jeans, when my mom was in a good mood on a shopping trip) I used to wear when I was 10? And I'm only 23 now, so it's not like it was that long ago!


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