"Why, I Think Gay couples Shouldn't Adopt Children"

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Why, I think gay couple shouldn't adopt children is a controversial issue that should be talked about. Same sex couples can offer the children a home and love but what happens when the children need a father and a mother to help to deal the mean cruel world that's out there.

"why, I Think Gay Couples shouldn't adopt Children"

When I decided to write this article, it wasn't about bashing or hating gay people, I have a couple in my family tree. I'm writing the article because I'm an advocate for babies and children and their well being. I am truly concerned about babies and children being given to gay couples to raise.This a very controversial issue to write about and it's not to get any Kudos or brownie points or anything like that, it's to make people think about the children and their physical ad mental well being. I'm not saying that gays don't have a heart to love babies or children, I don't think they have considered what an awkward position the children are placed in, not having a Father or a mother. What will the be the outcome of the children that's raised by same sex couples all over the world. The point I'm trying to make is the children will be the ones that will be confused, frustrated and suffer the consequences later in their lives because of their unique family back ground. The positive aspect is the children would have a home and someone to love them. It doesn't out weigh the negative influences the children would face in every day life, like having a normal lifestyle with a father and mother as a role model to look up too. Again, I'm not putting down anyone for being gay but I feel that they can't give the children everything they need because one half of the equation is missing. How can same sex couples teach their adoptive child or children how to be straight human beings, they can't, because the children hadn't been around a straight relationship to relate too. The chance are very high that children that probably would have been straight, will turn to homosexuality because that's what they have grown up with and been round all their lives. I believe in the facts and I'm sure the whole gay community will be hating me for this article. I stand up for the children that can't stand for themselves and I believe what I'm saying is true. Can any of you even imagine, what it would be like with a child that was raised by a gay couple to have a friend that has a mother and father . Don't you think that child will have questions about his friend having a father and mother and he has the same sex pardoners as parent. This is when my heart really break for the children. What can a gay couple tell the children about differences that will make them feel alright about the situation. Gay couples adopting children should always consider the children and how
they're going to be affected in the end. The sad thing about the adoption issue is the poor children doesn't have a choice in the matter. When the children are small and not knowing the truth, it doesn't matter but when they grow up and see that they're living in a situation that doesn't seem normal. After they have witness a normal relationship with a man and women. What can anyone tell them that would make them feel better about their situation. You can tell them that you and your pardoner love each other and that you love them. Does it take away the pain of them wanting to be in a normal family surroundings. When I say normal surrounding, I mean a God given man and women relationship. Anyone that read this article cannot in good consciousness discount what I'm saying because it's true. What truly matters to me most is the children and what they will think and feel when this is over and done. There are many reason why I feel that gay couples shouldn't adopt children and I've listed only a few and I'm not finished yet. Again, If I've stepped on anyone's toes or offended anyone I'm truly sorry. I'm only thinking of the children that will suffer the consequences in the end. I Think that when gay couples think about adopting, they're thinking about what they feel and not about the children that's involved. They don't think about the children that want have the benefits of having a father and a mother to understand and comprehend the facts of life. This is another parental right they're deprived of because of the same sex issue. I do agree that gay couples can give them love and a home but the children are getting one sided love and affections. I think that the gay couples are benefiting more than the children because they have each other to talk to about uncomfortable situations. Tell me, who will the children have to bear their hearts too about all the awkward and uncomfortable situations that will arise in their young lives because of being adopted into a gay family. Gay couples lifestyle isn't considered normal because of the same sex situation, but they want to do a normal thing by adopting children. In my opinion the children will be better off without the confusion and frustrations they will have to live with in their lives. I have given you many reason why it shouldn't be, but here is another for you to ponder or think about. Suppose the majority of the world would choose to be gay. There would be no more procreation and there would be no more children born into the world and our human race would soon become extinct. This is a lot to consider, but this is and always will be a serious issue involving our children. I'm sure my article will make someone's day and break someone else day, but the truth is I wasn't trying to do either. I wanted to make my opinion known and since I have I can rest easy now, because I stood up for all the babies and children that are being adopted into same marriages, I pray that God give the children the mind and heart to feel free and be who God want them to be. I believe in the word of God and I don't believe he wanted the man or women to end up this way, but I guess to each, his or her own.


Adoption For Gay Couples, Non Adoption For Gays

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
28th Aug 2013 (#)

interesting writ....

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author avatar Peppernina63
29th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks for your visit and comment.

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author avatar robert kris
31st Aug 2013 (#)


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author avatar Peppernina63
31st Aug 2013 (#)

Hello to you robert kris, blessings to you.

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author avatar Ann
31st Aug 2018 (#)

I'm dead you did not just say if everyone becomes gay humans will become extinct lmao you're very funny and stupid. Same sex couples have kids and I bet you that they teach their kids to be open minded people which is what this world needs more of. If you actual believe some of this I feel sorry for you. Very closed minded thinking and old fashion as hell. What do you think of single parents they raise kids on their own without a gender being present and I can tell you that those kids grow up healthy and happy. I'll pray for you guys lol.

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author avatar Juliana
12th Jul 2019 (#)

You’re just ignorant

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author avatar Ana
19th Aug 2019 (#)

It's funny you think that. Gay couples still require a surrogate to be able to have a baby. The only way to have a healthy child is to mix gametes from both parents to create a new genetic code, a better one that can actually adapt to its environment. You cannot mix female/female or male/male gametes and produce a healthy child, especially since gender would be an issue! I am laughing so hard at your comment because it shows you don't actually understand the principle or reproduction and the psychology behind healthy child rearing.
Children who grow up in single parent households are almost three times more likely to end up in jail, not finish high school, experience bouts of depression, and among other issues. I know a lot of classmates of mine, who seemed okay as children but without the second parent in their life, but they really did not end up in the right boat as they entered their teen years and adulthood. Almost all of them are on drugs, harder than marijuana, and they all engage in some kind of criminal activity. They are also the only ones I ever heard in school saying that they "had depression" or "anxiety".
It's not hard to understand that everything in life takes a balance, you need your mother to teach you certain things and your father to teach you too! It's not ignorance when you want to take the well-being of a child into mind.
The other issue is that when same-sex couples (particularly male in this situation) adopt the statistics for molestation and abuse are a lot higher than that of a regular family or a lesbian family. This stems from the fact that many who engage in this lifestyle do not see "age-gaps" as an issue since their dating pool is small anyways. Especially considering that we sexualize pretty much everything nowadays from food to children
It's interesting, if everyone spotted pushing with so much force this whole activism thing, maybe we would actually see an increase in healthy families and children who grow up to amount to something.

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author avatar Ana
24th Feb 2014 (#)

I couldn't agree more with you. Good job.

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author avatar Mars
30th Mar 2014 (#)

I was baffled by the ignorance of this whole post. Especially when you said "How can same sex couples teach their adoptive child or children how to be straight human beings.", I was not "taught" to be straight, it just happened and just like couples with female and male, who have a son that is gay. They never "taught" him to be gay it just happened and I'm sure same sex couples do not set out to "convert" child into being gay. You bring God into this and if you do have children I am sure you have taught them about God, right? You are pressuring them into believing that there is a magic man in the sky who can send them to hell if they break his rules, you have taken away their freedom to think for themselves, they have to worry about it their souls will make it to heaven or hell. I have never read anything more idiotic than this article..

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author avatar Wayne
16th Sep 2014 (#)

Well for staters your posy was. The only idiotic point you bring up is forcing a kid 's point of view. Guess what, gay people do it all the time. They force their view on the world and bitch and moan when it's the opposite!

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author avatar Amber
8th Apr 2014 (#)

"How can same sex couples teach their adoptive child or children how to be straight human beings, they can't, because the children hadn't been around a straight relationship to relate too."
My parents are straight, all of my known family is straight, and I'm not. And yet, a child with homosexual parents can somehow be "taught" to be homosexual? Sexual orientation is not something that is taught, it is something that you are born with. I was not taught to be bisexual, just as you weren't taught to be the sexual orientation that you are. Second, you stated, "When the children are small and not knowing the truth, it doesn't matter but when they grow up and see that they're living in a situation that doesn't seem normal. After they have witness a normal relationship with a man and women." I don't think that you understand that not being heterosexual is absolutely normal. Just because the majority of people in the world today are heterosexual, that doesn't make homosexuality and other sexual orientations not normal. The only reason the child would feel uncomfortable would be because people like you are feeding into the completely wrong belief that his/her family situation is abnormal. If you accept homosexuality, then the children of the world that you are supposedly defending won't need to be defended.

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author avatar Fish
12th Aug 2014 (#)

this was hilarious, thank you.

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author avatar Stacey
30th Sep 2014 (#)

This is the most ignorant thing I have ever read. Sad that there are humans still like you in this world.

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author avatar Maria
20th May 2015 (#)

I cannot believe that there is still people like you in the middle of the XXI century. You are the most ignorant person ever and i can tell you are Homophobic.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
16th Jul 2015 (#)

People do not choose to be straight or gay. They are born that way. And have you ever talked to a child of gay parents? Almost invariably they report that they have been parented very well.

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author avatar Amiah
10th Jan 2019 (#)

yep i can say my moms did a pretty good job

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author avatar Cathleen
2nd Mar 2016 (#)

Dont be stupid. He's just stating his opinion about that issue and concerned. So buzz off jerks.

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author avatar Amiah
10th Jan 2019 (#)

this is literally insane. what kind of messed up human being wrote this? you ask how kids of gay parents are straight and not gay? well lady, i have two moms and believe it or not, they don't push me to like girls. i am staright and they have no issue with that. you being an african american woman should understand the struggle of getting judged but you are being soo hypocritical. also, my parents don't beat me, so i don't know why you think they torcher me so much. and im not sure if you were aware, but there is more than one way of getting a child than just adaption. my parents spent thousands of dollars to get my sister. my mom carried her and she has two biological parents. i don't know but this just really upset me because people judge so much but don't even know what its like and just make assumptions. i hope you see this and understand where im coming from.

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