Who is afraid of the green-eyed monster?

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Ever wondered why many friendships are torn apart? There is an "inner cancer" in all of us that ruins even the most beautiful relationship.

What causes jealousy?

When we talk about jealousy, one thing is essential: the "green-eyed monster" eats us alive and destroys the harmonious relationship,it is like a gangrene because it poisons the soul who carries its burden.

The word "jealousy" in Webster's dictionary is defined as "zealous vigilance." Somehow this definition does not seem to highlight destructive force of jealousy. Proverbs 27:4, NIV Bible says, "Anger is cruel and impetuous fury, but who can stand before jealousy?"

This seems to give a little more insight into the term.

Where are the days when people were really happy for each other? Remember those times when no one ever wanted to achieve anything that belonged to other people? Oh, wait! Those days never existed.

Jealousy has always existed. Look at Cain's and Abel's tragic story that led to envy and in the end, to murder.

What causes jealousy? When do we become so jealous of other people's possessions?

Common causes are:

* Unmet expectations. Many times we have unrealistic expectations about ourselves and those around us. We often feel that things would be solved more easily and faster. Then, if things do not happen as we want them to be,we inevitably meet someone who already has what we wanted. Suddenly, we feel this wave of emotion called jealousy.

* The feeling that we deserve everything. For some reason we have this deep-rooted attitude that we deserve certain things. Children who leave their parents' home for the first time think that their standard of living should be identical to that of their parents. They do not realize that their parents have worked worked for years in order to get what they currently have. People with financial problems often feel "entitled" to buy things on credit, even if they know that is a bad idea. Having the most beautiful car and the latest toys seems more important than getting out of debt.

* Feelings of insecurity. It's so easy to look at other people and to crave what they have. And many times we do not not stop here. We begin to complain about things we don't have , but others do. Then we begin to believe all sorts of lies about ourselves. The next step is the emergence of a sense of insecurity in our relationships.


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30th Dec 2011 (#)

An insightful article on this subject of jealously...Nice share..

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