Who are really the true friends

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Friends who are really great to hangout with and those who just use you.

Who are the true friends

There are many friends out there that are really great to hangout with and there are those who really just there when they need something. I have been in that path for a while. I had friends from high school who had lived 5 minutes away from me not that long ago. They have recently come over to my house but it looks like they found out I have a pool and a computer. Each time they need to use the computer they come over to "hangout with me" or when its hot, they also come over to go to the pool. They leave as soon as they cool down from being in the pool. Whenever they don't need the computer or its a cold weather, they don't bother to come. I have never time about this until recently. They do, however let me go over to their house and they offer me anything. But there are friends who are really friends out there who really go over to hangout with you. Whether its a hot weather to go over to the pool they, always hangout, even after they get out or whether its a cold weather, they still go over to hangout. They are also friends who have what their friends have (like computers, laptops, etc), and they still go over to hangout with. These friends happen to be friends with my brothers. I wish I had friends like those but I guess I am just wanted for what I have and not for me. I think that whenever "my friends" go to the movies, go out and eat dinner, etc with other friends, I am the only one who never gets invited. But oh well, I can still continue being the nice guy here. I hope there are friends who would actually bother to hangout with me, whether I have things they have or not, whether they come use whatever they want to use or not, I just wish they like me for me not for my things. I wonder if this will ever come true.


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author avatar Carol stanley
17th Jun 2013 (#)

Don't put up with those kind of people..FInd people who like you for you...you are worth it.

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