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Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, but most importantly she dreams about what her wedding dress will look like. This is a brief look at how wedding gowns differ from East to West.

What is East and West?

The term "western culture" is used to describe a broad number of things such as social norms, traditional customs, and religious beliefs.Typically when a person refers to the "West", they are refering to America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The Western world has its roots founded in the Greco-Roman Civilization. Although, modern Western culture has been greatly influenced by the traditions of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment.

The term "Eastern countries" is often divided into Middle East and Far East. Some Middle Eastern countries are Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. When people refer to the Far East, usually they are refering to China, Japan, and other Asian countries.

However between these two extremes is SouthAsia or the Indian subcontinent. This is the area we will be focusing on as we examine the differences in bridal fashions of the East and West.


Why Western Brides Wear White

While typically it is thought western brides wear white as a sign of purity, there is another reason that may explain it much more clearly. By looking at history, we can see that the wearing of white is a fairly recent tradition. It first took root amongst the upper class who were greatly influenced by Queen Victoria who wore white as a symbol of how she would run the country in a more economical way. It is only after World War II that the wearing of white became popular throughout the Western world.

However, many of today's young brides are being influenced by the latest fashion trends and are opting to wear less traditional and more trendy wedding gowns. They are also choosing pastels and beige tones for the color of their dress instead of the more traditional white especially if it is a second or third marriage.


Tradtional Eastern Attire

Brides in the subcontinent typically wear red. The color red is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and richness. Depending on what region and/or religion the bride is also determines the style of dress. Some wear the sari while others wear the lehenga. Regardless if it's the sari or lehenga, it will be decorated beautifully with golden trim.

Interestingly, the groom's family typically pays for the bridal gown along with the bridal jewelry which she will wear on the wedding day.


Different but Same

If you just look at appearances, then you will find many differences between weddings in the East and West. However, if you look closer, then you will find they are pretty much the same. In East and West, the wedding is a time of celebration where two families unite as one. Where one father welcomes a new daughter to the family and another feels a twinge of sadness that his baby has grown up.


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