While Dr. Liverpool was chasing Coeds

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While Dr. Liverpool chased Freshmen his wife was deep into Gardening

The Modus Operandi

When you first arrive at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, they'll take you on a tour. If you get friendly with a Soph or Senior, they'll tell you about Dr. Liverpool.

They'll tell you how he gives grades for sex, but not in so many words.

In some places, at some times, you don't say anything about sexual harassment.
You don't say it, because there are lots of females who have planned on using sex to get what they want.

In the Caribbean, most women who reach the top have done it on their backs.
You decide if that's how you want to travel or not.

It's not that difficult to get yourself out of contention. Grab a batchmate, play he's your boyfriend and never let Dr. Liverpool catch your eye.

If you are alone with Liverpool, pick your nose, fart, belch, dress like a rag picker, walk like a hunch back, and his lusting eyes won't see you.

If you want to be in contention, you package and sell yourself. Maybe you'll be chosen, maybe short listed.

But remember, you can't say 'no' and pass his course.

The Selection

Every September, Dr. Liverpool did his 'cullings'.

By October he would have narrowed the field to five or six potentials, then make his move.

Autumn Miss would be in his bed before All Hallow's Eve and continue into Christmas.

It was public knowledge that two weeks before Christmas Liverpool would ship his wife
and kids to her mother in New York. He'd send the gardener home until January 2, have the Helper come in only one day a week so he and Miss Autumn would have a three week 'honeymoon'.

That was another way of avoiding Liverpool; make it clear from day one you were going home for Christmas.

And Cave Hill, which boasted students from Bermuda to Guyana meant home was off the island.

Miss Autumn would be 'resigned' just before Mrs. Liverpool and children returned.

After a 'family week', Liverpool would begin his next semester's selections.
What he wanted was a female to spend the summer with.

Telling him you couldn't wait to go home for summer was another way to escape the list.

Once he settled on his Miss Spring, as long as it wasn't you, the pressure was off, and
should stay off for the rest of your Cave Hill sojourn. Liverpool liked his girls 'fresh', so once you've gotten through your first year, you should be safe.

The Garden

I always wondered about Mrs. Liverpool. How she gave her husband so much space and time and seemed so unaware of what he was getting up to.

Funnily enough, I had a friend who knew her and after I'd made the big song and dance about him, she took me on a visit to Mrs. Liverpool.

All the windows were closed, I thought no one was home. Anne called and in a bit I heard a voice, a window cracked,and there, in a thin throw over house dress was Mrs. Liverpool.

And there, coming out of the bedroom in just a pair of shorts, the Gardener.

After a few amenities, I got back into Anne's car and she gave me the long story.

Mrs. Liverpool was ten years younger than her husband. She'd married him when
she was just twenty. She produced two children in short order, then found out about his 'harem'.

The Gardener was four years younger than she was. Their romance began shortly after Mrs. L learned about the 'extra lessons' her husband was giving.

Mrs. L. worked out the timetable.

Every Christmas break when she went to visit her mother in New York, her kids would stay with her sister who had kids their age.

Then up would fly the gardener who'd stay with her as Mrs. L's mother despised Dr. L.

Gardener would return home just before Mrs. L who'd collect the kids and give them a lot of 'Mommy and us went...' 'Mommy took us to...' 'Mommy bought us...'

Summer was the true honeymoon. The kids would spend it with Dr. L's family.
This let Gardener and Mrs. L travel and enjoy each other.

While Liverpool ran after coeds thinking himself such a ram goat, his wife shared true love with the gardener.


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Doc Liverpool probably never saw it coming...

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never noticed a thing

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