Which Seed Are You?

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This here helps you to evaluate where you are in your walk with Christ.

Where is your walk?

Which Seed are You?
Reference : Mark 4: 3-8;10-20

The parable of the sower and the seed is one parable that describes how our foundation may affect our future. Many of our lifestyles are written in this very parable. But be mindful that each seed has a destination, the way they are planted affects their growth. So as you read this blog, take the time to figure out where you are and where you are required to be in order to please Christ. So there are three different seeds. We are these seeds. The word of God is the sower. The word of God is able to touch and reach each person. But it depends on where the seed is planted so that it may grow. The seed may either fall on a stony ground, short thorns of other plants, or good soil. Which seed are you? The seed that falls on stony ground cannot even produce well grounded roots. Yes, roots will be able to grow, but they must stay firm in some sort of foundation where it is well kept and nourished. There are and there will be Christians that you encounter that only are Christians by name but not by character and heart. They carry the name yet do not practice the calling and the acts of Christ. These seeds are easily devoured when the enemy is present. These name-holding Christians easily can doubt God and easily fall back to their flesh-like characters. The next seed is seed that grows from thorns. Now be mindful that thorns grow from other plants. We have many Christians that shadow other Christians and basically like to share the glory and their belief. These Christians cannot stand alone in the time of struggle because if the thorn of the plant grows it will suffocate and choke the growing seed causing it to dry up and die, when the sun beams real high. For better terms, we have well Christians who will prosper, and this may affect the many Christian friends causing them to be jealous, or to turn against the Christian. Sounds familiar? What seed are you ? Do you rely on your friends when it comes to Christ or do you fully rely on Christ? Last but not least we have the rare seed. The seed that falls on good soil. The seed that actually makes it to the proper destination. When this seed is planted, it is well grounded. So grounded that when it grows, it is able to produce much more.

What seed do you want to be?

Christ is searching for Christians that are willing to open their hearts and allow Him to plant a seed where it needs to be planted. Not in our minds but in our hearts. Not in our emotions that is constantly changing but in our souls. So that when we grow we can also be an example to others attracting others to the light of the World Jesus Christ. So I ask you, Which Seed are you? How can you become the seed Christ wants you to be? Well, we must primarily have this desire to be where Christ wants us to be. If having the desire is difficult, we have prayer where we can ask Christ to give us a hand. And when Christ interferes, we must let Him know that we want to be fruitful to His works. That we want to have many stars on our crowns and we want our roots to be so grounded, that when the enemy appears with His demons, yanking roots out will just be impossible!

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