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It is we who has to follow what our religion preaches us

All religion preaches almost the same

Today's generation does not gives more important to religion as such. Not all but very few give more important to religion as such then other matter in life. Whenever the parent talk or ask today's generation to go to Church or Temple or any holy places as such, the young generation give more important to their own activities like going to disco or parties or picnic with their friends.
Religion actually is nothing but the guidelines to know and follow what is right and what is wrong in this world for us. Religion never tells us or ask us to follow the wrong things or do the wrongs deed which may hamper the feeling of other people. One religion never ever tells their follower to criticize other religion.
Truely speaking all religion in this world are same. But it is some people in almost all the religion in this world try to preach wrong things and under the religion name asked the young generation to do wrong act for other religion people.


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author avatar Denise O
11th Oct 2010 (#)

No matter the religion one has or not, there are
good and bad in all.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar siddhinfo
21st Oct 2010 (#)

Thanks Denis for visiting and leaving the comment on my blog

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author avatar LOVERME
22nd Oct 2010 (#)

when we were born
there was no religion
then lust and power
to reign in
brought us to frame rules
and thus was born
a lord a god
believe it or not
man evolved first
and then invented ,
if not created
a human god

later converted him to
a sun of god
and so we have today
in the most
econmic and corrupt world
as many gods
as there are stars if not humans
in the sky
and we fail to realise
that if there is a god
at all it is

Hence we all are
sons of time ,
you may also call
time as GOD,
if at all it pleases
the term and satisfies all TIME THEN IS GOD.!!!

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author avatar siddhinfo
22nd Oct 2010 (#)

Yes friend you are right when we are born and comes to this world we are just the mere child and this after that our parent tell us about the religion and follow the same accordingly

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author avatar D in The Darling
5th Dec 2010 (#)

I always believe in practicing what you preach! The children lose faith in religion when they look around them and see the mess that has been created by people who go to those places of worship! We've let them down! Time to change and show them good examples and they'll go there with you!

One other minor thing my friend: Check grammar forms; "Importance" is the word you should have used; it's a noun and not "Important" an adjective! All in all, nice article! Keep them coming! Thanks for sharing!

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