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Most Christians cannot properly place God's judgment in the Revelation. This articles explains what is and what is not judgment in the Revelation.

Popular Belief Is Not The Truth

This morning I was watching a video on a favorite website of mine and once again I was bothered by the prophetic teaching of the speaker. This response is a vent to my consternation. The speaker was emphasizing the number seven in the Revelation and said there were 7 seal judgments, 7 trumpet judgments and 7 vial judgments. As with all who would make that claim he was only one third correct.

It is the prevailing belief among Christians that the Revelation seals, trumpets and vials all represent the wrath of God in the last days. THAT IS FALSE – a thousand times, I say FALSE! I believe anyone who will do a critical study of the seals, trumpets and vials with “judgment” in mind will ascertain these truths.

First. At no time are the seals designated or described as being God's judgment. It is mutually understood that the seals are the fulfillment of Jesus' prophecy of future troubles in Math 24:4-8. He never called them judgments. Neither are they referred to judgments in the Revelation. They are in fact tribulation.

Second. The time of the trumpets run from Rev 8:6 thru Rev 14. Again there is no mention of judgment with the trumpets. AFTER the seventh trumpet is blown we do read of the coming judgment of the dead (unbelievers) but that does not occur until Rev 20. The trumpets DO NOT bring forth God's judgment. Rather they are the “great tribulation” which Jesus spoke of in Math 24:21.

Third. Only the 7 vials contain God's wrath which is clearly stated in Rev 15:1 and Rev 16:1. They are God's judgment upon a sinful world. Rev 16:7 Now where is God's judgment evident or present in the Revelation before Rev 15:1.

Closing thought: I know the foregoing is not widely accepted in Christian circles but that does not prove it invalid. Thankfully, I notice that old beliefs are giving away to the truth. More and more Christians are being enlightened to the truth concerning what is and what is not God's judgment in the Revelation. Why? Because the time of truth is drawing nigh.



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