Whenever This Came From It Should Die!

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Those defending the rights of men are not doing an easy job.Though it's not Godly to advocate for violence of any kind,this task is too huge for them.

Roles Have Been Reversed Here

This has come like the resort for women who feel helpless when dealing with men,who instead of oozing machismo,behave like spoilt brats.Our male ancestors must be turning in their graves at the thought of men getting thwacked by women because that was never heard of in their days.But what they should know is that today's men are a poor imitation of men of the years gone by.Today's men might look like grown-ups,but their minds,mannerisms and world views might as well be of those of ten-year-olds.Despite their muscular bodies and frames,they behave like kindergarten boys.This would be fine if they had never taken up the adult roles of husband,father and boyfriend.Many women tolerate this immature behaviour because they don't want to be accused of stifling their men.

When It Gets Too Much!

Sometimes tolerance simply becomes rage when you realize that your boy-man has refused to grow up.And the only way to deal with the range is to discipline the boy in the man so that he can behave like a man,hence the slapping and beating.After all how does one discipline a ten-year-old.
Contrary to popular male love,today's women are not irrational,angry beings who are waiting to exact revenge on men.The truth is,men like to push the envelope when it comes to behaviours in relationships.When men and women get into relationships,both parties are expected to abide by its terms and spirits.This might include adopting or dropping certain habits and manners.It also means living up to certain responsibilities and performing laid down duties.

If You Don't Keep Promises It Is Also A Crime

Usually women are quick to fully engage their minds and bodies to make things work.But things go wrong when men refuse to reciprocate.One major bone of contention is how men avoid responsibility and accountability in relationships.They see nothing wrong in making and breaking promises or even ignoring them altogether.They go bananas when asked about anything.
As we all know,violence takes over when all peaceful means fail.Since men have failed to peacefully and willingly conform to expectations,women are forced to use some violence to rouse them from their day-dreaming.I think instead of complaining about men being battered,we should focus on creating real men who the women can work with.

This Is Like Adding Salt To Injury

Today's men have simply become wimps and boys who have refused to grow up.They enter adult life with a disproportionate sense of entitlement and that is simply not all,so the only way to give these spineless men some backbone is to punch and slap them into acceptable human form.Men should know that persistent failure to pay bills is invitation enough for a battering.That forever coming home at sunrise is a sure way to turn rage turbines into full-blown fist-fights.Just from watching a few sessions of WWE,a woman can know how to pummel a man into submission.Women can easily get away with beating a man for a very long time since many men are too scared to come out and say that they are being beaten.


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author avatar Vickie Collins
11th Jan 2015 (#)

I don't believe anybody should beat anybody, but I do realize that some make it seem like a reasonable act with their behavior.

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author avatar Harris Mungai
11th Jan 2015 (#)

Yea,its indeed very bad for one to raise a hand against another.

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author avatar Erica philip
9th Oct 2017 (#)


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