When your child learns to speak

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Every child develops at a different rate. There's something amazing when the child learns to speak and use words and be able to communicate their needs and wants.

The world around them expressed in their words

Typically children will begin to babble and make noise anywhere from 6 months up to 1 year of age. Some children have been known to do it sooner than 6 months that was the case with my Noel which I can say I was relived because all of our children have had some speech delays to some degree. However with Noel that is not the case she started talking in 2 and 3 word sentences by the time she was 1 and when she spoke it was very clear. When she talks now she sounds like she is about 5 or 6. Which I am so relived at all the process she has made and how she how excelled in just about every area of development. I was extra worried about how she would turn out because as I shared in an earlier article she had a lot of problems her and I almost died in childbirth they had to revive her after an emergency C-section then 6 to 8 hours they had to insert a chest tube because her left lung had collasped she spent 10 days in the hospital but once we was able to bring her home she's been thriving and doing excellling in everything.

child's first teacher

As parents we are our child's first teacher and most children learn by example. There are ways you can work with your child but not making it seem like work. I think a big part of Noel's success contribrutes to reading. Every night at bedtime I read her a story and at nap time if Im not here Dad reads to her.

Another useful tool although should be very limited is some of the educational shows like Dora the explorer. Noel loves this one I like to use shows like these as an educational tool. I pretend to play along with whatever is going on and say the different words or activity and she joins in. Sometimes I will wait to see if she can do it on her own and most of the time she does.

Another good way is through play especially when your outside the more stimulation your child has the more him or her will learn and more importantly want to learn. When they want to learn they can go so much farther than expected. The idea at this age is to make it fun and to get them interested in learning about the world they live in.


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22nd Dec 2012 (#)

i was worried sick when my toddler couldn't speak at age 2.5 but when he reached 3, he could and by 3.5 yrs, he read a book!!

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