When you fall in love with a dream- how do you handle celebrity crushes?

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We all have experienced a time during our teenage years when we have "fallen in love" with a famous figure. What is it all about? Innocent attraction or unhealthy obsession? How can young people "get over" these passions?

When a fantasy takes over your life

From time to time, there is a new movie star who steals our heart and who stirs up certain emotions within us. This usually means that we have become a fan of that star, sometimes even hardcore fans. And there are other times when our admiration tends to go overboard.

Someday, we realize that we have developed a huge crush on this celebrity.No, we don't know this person in real life, but we feel that we do.We feel that we are close to him, although logically speaking, we are aware of the fact that the said-person doesn't even know we exist.It is a strange, "crepuscular" zone of emotions where you end up developing strong feelings of longing towards a person that you never met, emotions that are hard to explain.

Some people try to justify this "state of mind" by pretending that they met the star in a different life or that he and the celebrity are soul mates.Do yourself a favor and put these thoughts away from your mind immediately.One more step and you are about to build a secret altar dedicated to that famous person and send love letters that border fanaticism.

These passions can be entertaining, but obsessions ruin people's lives.They can prevent you from establishing relationships with people around you because you are way too focused on a person that you'll never get to know for real.

These staggering infatuations are born when the public image of the celebrity appeals to you.That's right, not the real person, but the image that is carefully built and manipulated by the media.There are thousands of people specialized in the art of making you "fall in love" with people that you don't know because once you identify yourself with them, you become a potential buyer of the brand that they promote.

These "love stories" also bloom when the image of that movie star reminds you of someone that you knew and loved.When people remind us of our beloved in our lives, they automatically enter our affective universe and it could happen to anyone, not just public figures. Be careful, because this thing could fool you into making emotional connections to idealized versions of people that don't really exist.

It is alright to appreciate the work of a star and to admire him for what he does.It is NOT alright when we think about that person every day and when these thoughts become a silent companion every moment.When you experience this, it's not about the mystic moment of reunion with a lover from another life, but it represents the deceit of a marketing "machinery" greater than you could possibly imagine that will transform you into a reckless entertainment consumer.


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I am a 25-year old young lady who loves reading and writing,one of my passions being period novels( Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte) and fantasy books. Music and movies are next on my list.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
14th Dec 2011 (#)

This has been a most insightful article Emanuela, and is no less frightening in real life as I can attest to. A very close friend of mine once introduced his cousin, a local beauty queen, to me. She was recovering from a romantic break up and was pining away and feeling miserable. I on the other hand was free and unencumbered. A great and passionate love affair with a beautiful woman, turning heads at every corner was great for my ego at first. This romance surprisingly lasted for many months until the demands started setting in, quite subtle at first and then more and more frequent and intense. I was in a steady job and earning an above average kind of salary, when she suddenly expected me to quit and move away with her. Much as I explained that I was prepared to do this only after first getting another job, she would not hear of it and told me to choose between her and my job. I chose the job and she left. Within a week of leaving, she was back with her previous boyfriend. I moped around for about a year and eventually moved on. Met my wife and lived a great 37 years together.

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author avatar Denise O
26th Dec 2011 (#)

Wow, Tranquilpen, well you got the prize in the end.
I do think there is healthy and unhealthy crushes with celebrities. It is so sad when others find, that living in fantasy is better, than living life. Well done. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Yasmine
6th May 2014 (#)

this article explained exactly the way i feel, this does happen, it happened to me,i've been a belieber for a while now and justin means so much to me it's hard to explain,
it did effect me socially, because all i can think about is him, when i wake up in the morning, before i sleep, it's like he's in total control of my mind but i like it, he brought so much life and happiness to me and i'm so grateful he exists in my life.
i know might never have the chance to meet him or talk to him, and even if i meet him, he'll never be able to see me the way i see him,
but honestly being his belieber is like a lifestyle to me, i don't think it's somthing i can change :)

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