When in Doubt, Read the Bible

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The Holy Bible has been a source of inspiration for me for many years of my adult life. When I first started to really read the bible, I understood that this was the book for me.

Inspiration from the Dawn of Time

Imagine a book that has roots in over 2000 years of history and spiritual heritage and still manages to be a best seller to this day. This is what we can truly see for our own eyes when we look towards the history of the bible and its impact on the modern age.

Billions upon billions of people from virtually every country in the world and every nation have turned towards the Bible and its teachers and teachings for hope, truth, and inspiration. This book encompasses the hopes, the dreams, and the promises of God to all people which span thousands of years from the dawn of time until the modern age. Let's take a quick look at why the Bible can be an important and influential holy book for even a generation who is as modern as we are.

The Bible Can be a Source of Comfort

The Holy Bible has served as a source of guidance and comfort to many people throughout many ages and periods of history. Just imagine all of the varying peoples who read the bible! This is proof that such a holy book was meant to be read not just by Israelites, but virtually every population and ethnicity of people across the face of this earth.

God did not plan for his revelation to be contained and read only within one group of people, no matter how holy or important they may be to God's plan. God intended the Book to be read by everyone from every culture. Think of it as a way of calling His people home.

You can find virtually every human emotion and situation represented in the Bible. From war and conflict to peacemaking and prophecy. One has so many different language versions now days, that you can surely find one in any language of your choice to enlighten you and give you the peace and love of God that you deserve.

The Testament of a Holy People

The Holy Bible is a solid and living testament of the most Holy of men and women throughout time. One can find inspiration in their story, understanding in their struggles, and hope in their victory.

This Book is God's gift to humanity and to the world at large. The Book contains God's commandments to the people and serves as a great guide on how to live one's life in the most spiritual manner. God wants us to discover ourselves and the spiritual world at large!

The Holy Bible encourages a true and complete transformation of one's soul. From a Gnostic perspective, this is what we are talking about when we say "spiritual alchemy". We are transmuting ourselves into the real mystical and inner gold, the real elixir of spiritual life.


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author avatar Bill Harbin Jr
1st Jul 2014 (#)

Very good thoughts given in this article.

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author avatar JM Lake
14th Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you so much, Bill. I appreciate the feedback.

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author avatar spirited
17th Jul 2014 (#)

yes, the bible calls this transformation as being born again with the Holy spirit living then within us helping us to be our real selves for God.

I enjoy reading the bible too JM Lake.

Nice article.

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author avatar JM Lake
17th Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you very much! May God bless you

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