When family dwindles in older age, start getting closer to God and The Consciousness of Existence

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It is a funny, yet serious thing when this happens: Family and friends seem to start dwindling or dying off as you get older. So, I say this, getting right into it: Get closer to your spiritual matters, you are going to be seeing a lot of spirituality as you get older, if you know or understand fully what I mean.

The Interesting Part of it all

The way my Mom and I look at wisdom and age is that youth really is wasted on most of the young. Indeed, so many of the young take life too much for granted as if they were going to live forever without accident, death or age at times. But, I was a "strange duck" so to speak, in that I was very cautious and conscientious as a youth about my precious life in so many ways, and did not take a thing for granted, not even the precious moments.

No, though, I was not perfect by any means or even an ideal to base anything on, I did take my mind very seriously, and my life. From doing my paper routes and door-to-door greeting card sales conscientiously, to doing my best in any situation I found myself in no matter the obstacles therein, I always could be said to be "a nerd that took his mind, life and actions very seriously", so to speak.

So, back to the subject at hand: When age hits most of us, life seems to be ending. When age hits those who do not take it for granted, life really is getting started at a very deep level. Sure, those seem to be opposite viewpoints but they are viewpoints related to each other by a view of reality that says "look at life, it is this way". Indeed, life is not a fixed situation but a fluid reality made of actions and consequences.

So a famous saying I agree with: For the mediocre, life ends at forty years old. For the great, life really begins at forty. Sure, that is a viewpoint, but it is a viewpoint that proves real and true over time and reality space. I mean, the spiritual values of life should become stronger as you get older anyhow. At least that is what I understand and think.

Well, viewpoints aside, the interesting part of it all is that usually wisdom is traded for youthful good looks in that sense. Although comedian Phyllis Diller got better looking through work on herself as she got older. The point to that small example is that for those who take life for granted and do what is wrong really do age worse and those who do life right and really do understand what it means to live age better.

Your guess or certain reality to why this all is could be as good as mine. But, the better care you take care of yourself, and the saner you live your life, the better.

Life, Death and all that counts

All that counts is not how long we live, though, Jesus Christ only lived thirty-three years, but in that thirty-three years he gave the greatest, most lasting message in existence talking honestly and realistically about all that counts. To an extent, I get it, but, to an extent. Let me explain: Life, death and all that counts works not like we want it to work, but, how we need it to work no matter how long or short we live or how quick or slow we die. So, "the best lives" are not those with the highest number, but the greatest content of the character of that life and existence.

The answer to reality is consciousness and conscientiousness then, and the more close to spirit and reality we are, the better we really do have it. Some know it, some do not. What do you think movie director Frank Capra's "It's A Wonderful Life" was really about anyhow. At best we can realize the acres of diamonds under our foot soles in reality instead of dying trying to find them anywhere else. Realizing where reality is, really is all that counts. Everything else is nothing.


I end these sections with a treatise on prayer, mediation, and getting spiritual and not just reading about it. Although, I do recommend Joseph Murphy and his many works, Harry W. Carpenter and his "The Genie Within" books, Claude M. Bristol, Harold Sherman and their works for starters in the subject. But what I recommend most is the practice and active working within the spirit of everything in reality. I recommend application of everything as an intense prayer and not just "motivational technique collections".

I mean sure, I believe in vision boards, visualization and all the related "stuff", but I do believe in connecting with a spiritual and not just an emotional intensity also when doing these things. So, do it all as an intense prayer. Do, not just do vain and empty uttering for "stuff", but do it for the spirit of what is really desired in existence, and not just "immediate life". I am being a little vague here, because I want you to think intensely about what I am saying, not just here, but apply it intensely all through your life, for I am writing this not just for "posterity", but, so it benefits all who read it and beyond, and gives me ultimate genuine benefit also. After all, loving and praying for all starts with your genuine self and works outward and this is my prayer for me and you, that we all genuinely "get it and keep it" forever.


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