What you should do and not do when migrating to England

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When one is applying or the Immigration visa in England they must be well-prepared in the following ways.

What you should do and not do when migrating to England

When one an individual receives word that their visa application has been received and is being processed, the person will be filled with some sort of relief. But then comes the time of going for the visa interview, filled with uncertainty one has to brace themselves for the outcome. When one is applying or the Immigration visa in England they must be well-prepared in the following ways.

1. Do fully prepare well for the visa interview meeting, one must compile all the documents that they were asked to take for the interview by the immigration officers. The documents have to be arranged in an order that is required by the immigration office. The person must make sure that they understood the questions and requirements properly.

2. Do arrive on time for the interview meeting, any late coming can result into rescheduling for another interview meeting which may be placed on a further date. Keeping time is also part of being interviewed.

3. Do dress appropriately, being smart is a requirement, a neat and tidy appearance will help with image and it will also give confidence in a way to the person being interviewed. It is better to impress the interviewer officer by being smart than turning up shabby.

4. Don't be sluggish in answering questions being asked, think through the answer and give a constructive answer that is correct. Staying focused at this point is very crucial, one should only answer what they are being asked.

5. Don't hesitate to ask the interviewing officer to repeat any question that is not fully understood, or ask for clarifications on any statements that the interviewing officer may make during the interview.

6. Do ask a qualified UK immigration lawyer to the interview and have them clarify on any issues that are legal related that may not be clear.

7. Don't enter into an argument with the officer conducting the interview, one should try and remain as calm as possible and try and finish the interview successfully.

8. Do answer all the questions asked even if they seem to be irrelevant to the interview session, sometimes the officer conducting the interview may have reasons as to why they are asking such questions.

9. Don't be too talkative be calm and patient and only answer what has been asked. It is very rude to refuse to answer a question or divert the interviewing officer to some other topic that is not related to the interview.


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