What to Do on the First Date

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Everyone went through the tremor of first dates; no romance could bloom without it. Whether you’re a teeny-bopper or plain first timers in dating issues here are sure ways to fire up this scary first.

Tips and tricks to fire-up your first date

Dress your best – true beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but physical appearance really counts especially during your first date. Ask him for a hint on where the two of you will be going so as to plan your outfit ahead of time. For a cozy-informal dinner, try wearing your best Sunday dress, skirts and blouse would do also; avoid plunging necklines or see-through gowns unless you have plans of giving him seduction ideas right the first time. Jeans is not applicable to wear for the first date unless it’s a sporty date.

Act accordingly – showing your true self counts the most but be careful in baring your soul right on your first meeting. Don’t talk about yourself too much; blurting out your weaknesses, insecurities and personal problems straight on your first date will make you scare him away. Show your good sides and speak of your nice personalities in a subtle manner. Talk about your common interest like current events, nature of work or hobbies; this can give you idea on what kind of person he really is.

Learn to listen – nobody wants to be with someone who fire speeches endlessly. A date is compose of two individual willing to get to know each other well, give each other an ample time to talk. Listen to what your date is saying; this could be the best time to get to know the real score between the two of you. Usually a man slips off when he’s at ease talking; listening to his stories can give you a glimpse of what his past relationships look like and how they ended.

Be observant – you’ll notice his real intention by mere observation. When your date seldom talk and ask nothing about your personality then it’s a sign you lost his interest in you. If you ask about him and receive minimal or a single response then a sign or boredom hangs in the air; check your conversation and try to throw cool remarks to rekindle his interest.

Always remember that a date is not the end of the story, indeed it’s the start. A successful first meeting usually follows with a second invitation; do your best and play your cards well; it might be you once-in-a life time happiness at stake.


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