What to Do If My Boyfriend is Always Paying a Lot of Attention to Other Women? Read This

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The essence of being beautiful is flaunting it, not for the wrong reasons, but for magnetic reasons to the right guy for you. Beauty entails every aspect of you, from the outside to the inside. Use these series of articles to get some tips on how to attract a guy, make him yours and as well keep him. If he goes away, it should not be because of you and in such a situation, never compromise your worth.


All of us have this question underlying in our minds throughout "whether my boyfriend is true to me or is he seeing someone right under my nose?" One common reason that guys give when they break up a relationship is that they have found someone else. When you find out that your boyfriend or husband is seeing some other woman you feel cheated and dejected in life. What do we do in such situations?

First and foremost thing is not to blow your cap off. When you find that your boyfriend is paying more attention to other woman stop getting angry instantly and screaming your heads off. Take control of the situation and think it with a cool head before reacting.

Try to get away from the routine and start doing things differently which will make him take notice of you. Guys tend to change interests only when their current life becomes drab and monotonous. Men like variety and this can make them stick on to a relationship without looking else where.

Pamper yourself with those beauty treatments and become irresistible to your boyfriend. When he knows that he is with the most beautiful women he will never try to look at others. Why wait for an occasion to dress up in that sexy, skimpy attire of yours. Every day is special when it comes to spending with your boyfriend.

Do not mind the occasional flirts or looks that your boyfriend gives other woman. Beauty is to be appreciated. So if your boyfriend looks, at a good looking girl, who passes by immediately do not pick up a fight. Give him a little space and stop nagging on to every action. This builds up trust and will never lead to him cheating up on you.

Sit and talk to him. When you find that he is paying more attention to other woman and this is pinching you badly sit across and talk out your feelings to him and help him understand you better.

Distance yourself from him discreetly. Sometimes making yourself unavailable will draw him more towards you. Make him start missing you without being conspicuous. Avoid one or two dates or his calls, make him realize you are busy.

Be a tigress in bed. Men whose sexual needs are more than satisfied will never try to attract other women in their relationship. So be innovative and keep your boyfriend on his toes when it comes to sex.

As you all know, I am the hot lady with the hot articles for matured couples who want to maintain their relationships. The physical is very important and even though I do not encourage pervetness and acting "sluty" I also want to say, being wild in your intimacy makes your relationship more fun, relaxing, enjoyable and personal. So, even as you enjoy this piece, there are still more of my works you can check from my other blogs. So choose anyone or all of them and check them out!

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