What is the “right” choice?

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In the busy life, something to think about. Things that one may do casually, can have a life lasting impact. This is something written from the experience of a person in her early twenties.

What is the “right” choice?

This question has always lurked around since my teenage years and it remains when I am in my twenties. It is quite interesting how life takes various turns and leaves you at a point, where you have to make the “right” choice. But, What is the right choice? People have made choices which have either gone right or wrong. But does that mean the right going things were the right choices. How does one decide, “Ok so this is the right choice”? From where does so much surety come? Since the past years my parents have been the ones to decide the right things for me. They made the “right “ choices. Starting from which school I should go to which University is best for me. I am at University of California spending a very easy and carefree life, where everything is done before hand, all my demands are fulfilled before asking. The life is a fairy tale, except without the fairies.
Since I am in college, I get a lot of assignments and research papers to work on. Most of my friends usually take the help of cheap essay writing services, but I prefer writing the assignments myself. So one day when I was busy working on my assignment, my parents walked up to me and handed me the debit card, and they said “Use it the Way you Want”. Usually people wait for such a dialogue to come out from the parent’s side. I, for some reason was shocked. Shocked, because I have never decided anything until now and they want me to start deciding? I mean come on, shouldn’t they have given me a heads up at least a month back. Well now that I have the card, all I can think of is to go back in time and hide before my parents come inside my room to give me the card.
This is a very small example of how I reacted to the simple situation. I don’t want to imagine how I will react, when the real time of decision making comes. According, to most people after a certain age children should be left out to make their own decisions, regardless of being right or wrong. It is my turn to do that I guess. I am excited and anxious at the same time.
This is just the starting, there will be times when I have to take life decisions. Then may be these experiences will help me to make the “right “ choice. At the end of the day it all comes up to me. How I take things, how I handle situations. The “right choice “ in my opinion is when the person is happy with it. Then one might think, Why is the choice right at all? It is right because it brings certain satisfaction, happiness along with it. The surety of happiness may not be there in some situations but it will be for the good of oneself. The choice might not remain right life long, but what will remain will be the content that choice brought you.


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