What is a Best Friend Anyway?

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The meaning of BEST FRIENDS to me means accept one another through thick and thin, good and bad. Supporting one another through it all. Apparently as time has gone on, the meaning has been diluted and we never really know who is or will be there for us to the end. This is one story of a set of "BEST FRIENDS" fell apart.

What ever happened

to a best friend who stayed your best friend from the time you deemed them so special till death you did part?

How have we come to be a society so fickle that we are best friends with someone only when they play by our rules? What ever happened to accepting someone for who they are and loving unconditionally? Is that possible anymore?

I have a former friend, who was once my very best friend, who seemingly accepted me for who I am, until of course I showed contrary to who she wanted me to be.

We worked together for a while, got close, hung out almost daily for a long while. Sometimes we would go months without talking, and always fall back in line.

I introduced her to her husband

Who was one of my worlds oldest friends, aging back to early grade school years.
The woman, we will call Dawn, This man, Dick. I was maid of honor in their wedding.

I was cast out from them, though, just a month later, when Dawns grandmother died and my attempts to reach out to her in the following week were failed. She was never home when I passed by, and clearly her phone nor mine were in proper function as she claims to have not gotten call nor text of which I sent a few each.

She however, was apt to cast me out when a week later, I went on a spur of the moment, cross country road trip with my cousin and sent Dawn a postcard from the road. "You can't be here for me when I need you but can rub it in my face that you're out gallivanting across the countryside, then you're not my friend" Yes, we were of grown adult age, not school age children and yes, she really said that.

I was welcomed back

after a while, when their child was born and they both realized that they wanted me in his life...
We talked a little, but I was dating a man who did not like Dawn and who Dawn did not like, so I pushed away from them. It was easier than listening to both bitch incessantly about one another when I spent time with either. I moved away for work.

Upon my return a year later, to Ohio, they were present as my father was ill and dying, and after he passed, for a few months until I made a comment regarding their son.

Their son, then four was diagnosed with autism. Dawn came to my house one day after Id just gotten moved into my new place and had rented a sofa and love seat set from a rental place. The color, a delicate cream.

That day young Mr. Mordecai had a chocolate ice cream cone.

Dawn tried to keep him off my sofa, and at one point looked at me and said he didn't understand.

Well, I did not have children so what was it my right to make such a judgment, though I had eight nieces and nephews and several cousins and cousins children and friends children with whom Id spent a lot of time and was well familiar with children and their typical childhood games.

I had been witness to Dawn and Dick allowing the boy to do as he wanted and run over the both of them since he had been diagnosed with autism. They had tried to be strict and careful parents until the diagnosis came, and then they both let go all the reigns and let him do as he pleased.

The fact that the child still needed structure and discipline escaping them both as they fell victim to his diagnoses, not realizing that they were cheating their son. He was less autistic than he was capable. Beyond intelligent, and in many cases and ways, the things they were letting him slide on were not his autisms, but simple basic, regular childhood characteristics.

Neither parent had experience with children before their son... so neither would hear of it. I did not have kids, after all.

"He doesn't understand"

Dawn said, apologetically.

I looked to the boy and smiled as I noticed the wry little grin on his face. His mother blocked him one way and he giggled and went around the next.

"Oh, I think he does." I said with a grin. "This is the same game all kids like to play. He's testing you. He wants to see if you're playing or if you're going to lay the law on him"


Apparently that was overstepping my bounds.

I didn't hear from either of them after that. Not a message or a call. I got deleted from their Facebook pages and blocked. No words spoken as to why I was cast out, but I know why.

Fair weather friends
Want only be your friend if you play by their rules.

Who needs that kind of friends anyway.
Not me.


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