What happens to our soul when we die

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Determining what happens to our soul after we have passed on

Time for paying for our sins?

Discussions on death and dying are often subjects we avoid as we don’t know ourselves what the true answers are. Still, we know there is an afterlife. What is it for the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews? Is it a time at some point in the future where Jesus comes back? The time of Resurrection? The time of paying for our sins? Will the world come to an end, and then come to life again? There are so many unanswered questions, and no one can claim to know the truth.

In Islam, Muslims believe from the words in the Qur’an that two angels come to ‘pull the ruh’ – extract the soul. If the deceased has led a good life his soul will leave the body easily. If he has led a sinful life, extracting his soul will be like pulling teeth. The two angels have names and come together to get the soul. After this the body rots; the soul lives on. But what happens to the soul? At the moment of death the soul goes into barzakh – meaning that the soul is in a holding pattern with other souls who are eager to meet with family members. You have probably heard people who have lost a loved one say that they saw, just before the person died, that he seemed to be in another dimension and stretched out his arms to something only he could see, and exclaim that so and so is in the room.

I lost a family member a few days ago. My sister was in the room and said that immediately after her mother died she saw her mother in the room and was frightened. Another instance is where two high school grads, cousins and best friends were so close that they both died instantly in a Mercedes when they raced down the street, were buried together and that one of them, close to death, said that he wanted to go fishing as his cousin was there. I can relate several similar stories. My question is: is this real, a visitation, or a trick of the brain? I have heard that the brain is the last thing to go when someone dies. Is that so? It would explain the white bright light people who have had a near death experience come back from the dead and relate. I would like to hear a Jewish, Christian or even another Muslim answer to this.



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