What do you do when your nephew asks what you do for a living?

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What do you do when your nephew asks what you do for a living? I told him that part of my job is marketing. This is my example to him.

What do you do for work?

What do you do for work? That's the question my seven, soon to be eight-year-old nephew asked me last week. I didn't know how to answer him. I do a complexity of work for my clients. Anywhere from ghostwriting, blogging, social media marketing, web designs, and more. How do I tell an eight-year-old all of this? I thought and thought and I came up with a partial answer to his question. I make T-Shirts. Not a lie. Not the truth either. It's just one aspect of my many, many things I do for a living.

Can I make one?

"Can I make one?" he asks. Not how, or why, or any of the other formal questions a kid asks about your work. "Can I make one?" That's what my little nephew asks all excited. He stood right next to me in front of my computer waiting for me to show him how to do one. Taking my inert hands he places them on the keyboard he says, "Please. Can we make one? Please." I just look at him. What am I supposed to do here? I didn't have a pressing client that needed a shirt. What? I racked my brains out and then it hit me. Well, he hit me. Same thing.

I could not say no. Of course.

I'm not one to say no to him. Never had, that's probably why sister reluctantly lets him stay with me for too long. Eventually, he'll have everything and all of her motherly intuition of raising a well-behaved kid goes out the window. Okay. So I gave him a big helping of ice cream and a collection set of playing cards. I'm the uncle and I'm going to spoil him. Live with it. "Please Andy. Please," he pleads.

What should we design?

I asked him what he would like to design. I gave him a few prompts and a few ideas. It all came back to soccer and ruling the world. His two favorite hobbies. Okay. I admit it. His favorite hobby is soccer and mine, well I admit is taking over the world. And we found a cool world with a nice soccer image on it. It fit his personality. Of course, the famous phrase from the cool song that I can't get out of my head since the 90's. "I'm too sexy..." from Right Said Fred, kept playing in my head. "Cool Andy. That sounds cool." Wow, I impressed on my nephew that he's too sexy for this world. What's wrong with me? How can I not encourage this? You would encourage your kid to take over the world. Right? Yes? Don't lie.

Showing my support.

Now that he knows what I do. Or rather some of the things I do for a living. This is my opportunity to show him the whole process of marketing. I'm showing him support for his creation. Of course, when he sees how many shirts were sold this way I have the chance to teach him about marketing and what my job entails. Imagine his work seen worldwide. I have the opportunity to show him that he made a difference. If you're interested, this is the link to his shirt. Tspring.com.


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