What are the benefits of sport to the human body

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Sports Benefits included all aspects of human beings, they are useful at all levels, a health and physical benefits and it has psychological benefits, and can not lose sight of the benefits to the level of mental as well as social and moral. It is worth mentioning that all these aspects overlap in their effects so that the improvement in more than one aspect of the improvement in other aspects. So we can not isolate the benefits of sport on the physical level as other benefits.

The benefits of sport on the psychological level

1 exercise improves the appearance of our bodies and give them beautiful, and increase self-confidence in humans.

2 sports the best weapon to kill him passive leisure time, and conquer it boring routine and feel through him pleasure, excitement and happiness. This in turn reduces the chance of injury of various psychiatric illnesses, especially depression and other diseases and therefore will strengthen our immune against the physical and social various diseases.

3 Sports gives us a greater ability to discipline and control the pressure and tension in our lives.

4. It helps us sleep and dealing with insomnia and negative thinking and Sarhan.

In short, a psychological our doctor, who restores our inner balance and gives us a psychological comfort, which reflects positively on all the different aspects of our lives.

The benefits of sport in their physical and physical level

1 sport strengthens the muscles of the body, and improve the appearance of the body and its beauty, becoming an attractive and wonderful without the need for costly cosmetic operations.

2 Sports Activity increases blood circulation, metabolism in the body.

3 sports appetite, and at the same time we got rid of the disadvantages of our diets to get rid of their damage through and beyond the need of our bodies, they rid the body of excess fat, consume excess calories for our need.

4 Sports protect us from chronic diseases such as heart disease, the arteries, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and gives us an ideal weight on a plate, fights obesity, which is the key to every evil on the health level.

5 Sports protect us from problems Kalkhconh arthritis, and bone problems, and increase their strength and flexibility.

6 Sports strengthens the immune system in the human body so they are the first line of defense against disease in its various forms and types.

7 sport helps the body of harmful waste output better.

8 It is also delaying the age of aging, and prevent diseases Kkherv, and Alzheimer's, and which draws our attention to this aspect of that activity that we see a lot of senior leaders in the age in Western countries and who play sports and seem much smaller than the true age.

The benefits of sport on the mental level

1 sport active mind, and increase the intelligence of all kinds, especially social intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence and psychology.

2 which increase the activity of memory and power; they increase brain activity positively.

3 sports improves the strength of observation and agility, rights and grant the ability to concentrate, and reduce the proportion of mental distractions dramatically.

4 interest in sports increases the academic achievement of the students, just the boredom of their curriculum dry, and increases the social and mental growth of the students, so the school is trying to interest in sports activities during school ..

5 Not only that, but there are many large companies in developed countries such as Japan asks employees actively carry out joint athlete before, during, always; even increase the capabilities of its employees and their productivity and break the routine, which may suffer bored.

In short, you can not get a sound mind without a healthy body, and can not get a healthy body, but the sport!

The benefits of sport on a social level

1 sport increases social intelligence, because it helps you to form friendships and social relations firm with a lot of people, Kalmnavsin and colleagues in the same team and coaches ... etc.

2 Sports human earn wonderful virtues, Kalsber, endurance, and self-confidence, willpower, persistence, activity, leadership, and values ​​of fair competition, cooperation, planning, and altruism.

3 sports learning respect for human rights laws, rules and regulations; because most sports have fixed laws and rules must be adhered to.

4 They also save society from the very serious lesions, such as cigarette smoking, alcoholism, drugs, and commit immoral crimes that result from mental illness, frequent negative vacuum, especially when young people the unemployed.

5 sports leaves a positive impact on social relations within the family, because most of the family problems result from the worries of life and pressure, as well as produce from the leisure, especially in times of holidays, so the sports activity to promote relations within the family, and how pleasant it encourages head of the family members to do sport together with each other bonds of love even more than all of them, and even shielding them from inactivity and Altzmr sit long before the modern technology, which brings many health tragedies in the short and long term problems.


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