What are Year 7' Like in Class?

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Teaching Year 7 is both a delight and a nightmare. why do many teacher still prefer them to other levels?

Teaching Year 7's

Attempting to teach Year 7’s would have to be one of the most challenging tasks a teacher faces in her career. Yet this particular year level are the most successful in making teachers throw out the window all the fancy subjects such as Philosophy of Education, Literature and all the other sophisticated areas of ‘Teaching and Learning” and very quickly grab any of the survival resources that will help deal with these students.

What is needed with Year 7's

The resources needed are, strength, stamina, a good sense of humour followed by an enormous control over one’s own voice to be able to hide one’s surprise. Above all, the teacher must be able to walk into the classroom with no planned expectation, except to be able to change lessons plans at a moment notice regardless of the best planned lesson.

How they learn is a mystery

Take 7A for instance, this particular group is close to being awesome and then swinging to the complete opposite; impossible to handle. They pick up information as fast as an internet cable and produce the required answers just as fast. Yet there are as many other times when for some unknown reason very little will penetrate the fog they have downloaded around themselves and all they want to do is interact with each other at the top of their voices. No matter how many times the teacher stops the delivery of the lesson due to the interruptions, the Year 7’s still absorb what is needed. (How do they do it?)

Lesson not to their liking

If they are not interested in a topic, they soon let the teacher know and no matter what one does, there is no way to get them back on board: so it is back to the drawing board. Yet, this group of students will pick up without a word being said when the teacher is going through a difficult period and without being asked will work quietly.

Why did you leave us?

They put their regular teachers through all sorts of trails, yet, will attack anyone who dares to say anything against them. The look of despair on the replacement teacher’s faces is sometime quite sad while at the same time comical when he/she is told to have to take a Year 7 for a sub. Regarding the students, they let everyone know the they are not impressed with the change. To give proof to this is the unanimous chorus when the regular teacher walks into the classroom the following day. ‘WHY WERE YOU AWAY? ARE YOU BETTER NOW? WE DID NOT LEARN A THING. These few short sentences say it all.

There is always a happy ending

Yes, definitely Year 7 is a loveable mixed bag who will grow up too quickly, to become our adults of the future: but what a pleasure to teach them at this stage.


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