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It is one thing for voters to vote and quite another to get results. This article reveals what voters are not getting.

Our Non-representative Government

Please check this artricle to see the will of the people in regards to the pending decision to take military action against Syria.

America's government is supposed to be a representative government. That means that our elected officials are required to voice or vote the will of their constituents (the voters who elected them) in the governing process.

May I remind us that many times our government has spurned the majority will of the people. In fact it is becoming the norm for our government to impose their imperial will rather than yield to the will of their voters. Such snubbing of the voters' will creates a government representing mainly themselves and their political agenda – A NON-REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT.

I mark the days of the “forced school busing” issue in the early sixties as the beginning of this non-representative governance. Those of us who remember those days of heated debate and division also remember that the vast majority of voters were adamantly opposed to it. What can I say but the muddled heads of liberal leaders brazenly brushed aside the will of the voters giving us a NON-REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT.

There are other glaring examples of our government's non-representative rule. How about Obama Care? Multiple polls show that up to 70% of Americans don't want Obama Care. How did we get it? Powerful liberal leaders like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, buoyed by a Democratically controlled Congress, quelled the will of their voters. Obama Care is the result of a NON-REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT.

Then there is the reprehensible “gay marriage” fiasco. If the law pertaining to “gay marriage” were decided by public vote alone it would be soundly defeated but thanks to our NON-REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT “gay marriage” is becoming the law of America. What is really disheartening about this is many Christians voted for the public officials who thumb their nose at God's Righteous Word in favor of immorality.

Let us not forget these two socially important issues: illegal immigration and gun control. Christians and conservatives rightly want illegal immigration stopped and no amnesty for the millions already burdening America's benefits. Christians and conservatives also oppose the high-handed, unreasonable and unworkable gun control laws. It is the liberal “loose canons” of our NON-REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT who constantly disregard the will of the voters.

Here is my point. Our public officials were elected to office by the voters. Question: How many Christians voted for these non-representative officers in all levels of our government? More importantly, will they continue to vote for this type of government official and if so, why? What is the gain in voting for public officials who will betray you in favor of a NON-REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT?

Thanks for reading and GOD BLESS...

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