What Not to Carry in Your Wallet or Purse

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Officer Scott Hallock explains what not to carry inside your wallet or purse to avoid becoming a victim. Most things we carry simply are not necessary to carry and would be safer left at home.

What Not to Carry in Your Wallet or Purse

We have all gotten into the unsafe habit of carrying what seems to be our entire life in our wallet or purse. Unfortunately, each year millions of people either lose, misplace or get their wallets and purses stolen and have to live in fear that the thief or someone now has all of their personal information.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world today, and because we tend to carry so much of our personal information, it is much easier for a thief to take advantage and steal our hard earned money, ruin our credit and destroy our lives along with a lot of other related problems.

Here is a list of items that you should not carry in your wallet or purse:

Social security card

There is no reason on earth for you to carry your own personal social security card or the cards of your children in your wallet or purse. Memorize the number and put the cards in a safe and secure place at home.

For employment or application reasons, a copy of your card at the time needed will suffice.

Birth certificate

Keep your original birth certificate, along with your social security card, in a safe secure place, which can be copied for employment or application reasons at the time needed.

More than two credit cards

It is wise to carry only two credit cards in case of an emergency because if for some reason, one card will not work, you will have a second card for backup.

Most people carry three to five cards and even more and trying to cancel each card after you lose them is very stressful.

Bank account numbers

Do not write down your bank account numbers or pin number of your debit card and leave them in your wallet or purse.

Employee identification card

Many companies require their employees to carry identification cards that give them access to their place of employment. A thief can use this information to verify where you work when he is stealing your identity.

Large amounts of cash

A simple rule to follow is to carry as much cash as you are willing to lose.

Precious items

Many people carry with them precious items that were given to them by a grandmother, a parent or special friends and losing them can be more devastating than anything else in your wallet or purse can. Keep those things in a secret place safe at home.


Now days it is rare to have to write a check when so many things are on auto-pay or paid by credit/debit card. Keep your checkbook in a safe place and use it when you need to and put it back when you are done.

Important papers and receipts

Keep all of your important papers, receipts and documents at home in a safe, and secure place so when you need them, they will be assessable.


All it takes is one time to go through the endless hassle and fear when losing or getting your wallet/purse lost or stolen to understand that you should only carry with you that, which is necessary.

It is a different day and age and very important that we guard our personal information, identity and precious items very closely.

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author avatar satan fury
14th Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks for the heads up. I totally agree with you. Some of my friends laugh at me when I tell them not to leave their personal belongings inside their car in plain view. This is something else that I wanted to add. I never carry more than 2 credit cards in my purse.

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author avatar Sam Bralley
14th Jul 2010 (#)

true, true, true, If you don't need it at least once a week, don't carry it...

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author avatar SHoupt
23rd Jan 2012 (#)

True! I only carry a small slim change purse with a small amount of cash, 2 credit cards, debit cards and a drivers license. No purse or wallet. Change purse and keys are kept in my pocket.

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