What Makes a Good Relationship Fail

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A relationship is like a glass, when broken, it will never be the same no matter how you put the pieces back. Unfortunately there are many factors causing any good relationship to shake. Little indifference that unconsciously eats the love out, petty misunderstanding that could singlehandedly destroys a nevertheless strong relationship.

Hence, for a relationship to work, both partners should do their jobs.

Here are the most common reasons why an indeed great romance fails:

Opposite Attacks – the saying opposite attracts might be true but in a relationship, opposite attacks too. When both the partners are continually opposing each other’s point of view then no romance would survive. A relationship is a two-way street; the needs of each other should both be met. If both of them can’t give way to one another then it’s high time to consider pushing the quit button.

Possessive Dragon – jealousy adds spice to any relationship, but too much jealousy mixed with unreasonable feeling of doubt can bring any heavenly love to hell. Being in a relationship does not mean forgetting your own individuality, both of you should grow as an individual. Too much possessiveness can hinder communication and can cause endless blast of fights between you and your partner.

Emotional Torment – abuse is not only physical; an emotional torment could form part of this hateful word. Putting your partner down, criticizing his or her precious work or ignoring the effort could bring up insecurities and emotional burden to one another. Throwing sarcastic, unfair and embarrassing lines towards your partner is more insulting and degrading than any physical abuse one can experience.

Turning Chicken – communication is an essential factor for a relationship to succeed, avoiding your partner’s questions could all the more widen the gap between the two of you. Silence is not always good, there are time when both of you should sit and talk your issues out.

White Lies – a lie in any other color is still a lie. Hiding the truth from you partner could bring suspicions and doubts to arise. Lying from your partner could give the presumption of unworthiness. The lying partner is restless and the suspecting partner is very observant, when not settled; you’ll end up playing I-spy for the rest of your relationship.

Being in a relationship is like doing tango, both of you should sway to the tune in smooth coordination. A successful relationship is not heaven-sent nor a miracle; it is made by two individual who are willing to settle their indifference and meet half-way for the call of romance.


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author avatar Retired
26th Jul 2010 (#)

A very true article... A relationship is a two way street with a lot of give and take. When you don't respect what you have, it just eats the love away and kills the love and emotional attachment a person has towards the other. Thank you for spreading the awareness... :-)

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author avatar djmarion
26th Jul 2010 (#)

yes anna, i beleive being in a relationship is like dancing tango, you cannot finish it alone.

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author avatar satan fury
8th Dec 2010 (#)

A very good article with great points.

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