What Makes Filipino Women Special?

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There are a lot of dating websites and often times women in third world countries appear there hoping for a Western man (preferably from Europe, Britain, Canada, Australia and the Americas) to know them and get to know them for matrimonial purposes. Women from India, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China and the Philippines are the usual choices. Filipinas are five-star choices.

A Modernized Woman

There is a small percentage of women from developed countries that do online dating. There are successful love stories that flourish but there are also scary stories that make online dating a make or break place to look for a future partner. There's one type of women that may stand out among the choices.
Filipino women that appear in online dating websites are mostly bilingual. The important one is they can understand English. They can respond in simple English sentences. You can talk to them using long sentences in chat session and you're sure that their short responses will indicate that they understood what you typed. They may come from different educational backgrounds but you'll be able to gauge this by the way they construct their sentences. When you compare them to other races in the site, you'll notice that they are more responsive so lonely men get their much needed dose of interaction that they seek when they chat with Filipino women. There's no taboo topic that they don't know and they'll definitely provide you a response that you want to get. The Filipino women who you see in online dating are modernized women. They are open and they are familiar with western culture. They don't get offended with topics that other races may easily twitch on.

A Caring Woman

A Filipino woman likes to take care of their men. Their level of possessiveness may vary depending on the level of feelings that they have for their men. So the deeper their emotions are with their partner, the more possessive they become. They are aware of the competition and they know that men by nature are polygamous. As a result, they find ways to make sure that they will remain the apple of their men's eyes. They do little things for you that you may hardly notice. They make sweet notes and hug you at moments when you are not expecting. They find out what your favorite dish is and they learn how to prepare it in their own way. The only thing that will make them happy is if they know you appreciate it. If you tell them that you love their cooking then they'll find more ways to prepare the dishes that you like. If you show them that you liked their sweet messages on your social networking page, they'll make it a point to post or send a message to you on a regular basis. Just remember: the more they care about you, the more responsive they become to you needs.

The Woman of the Home

Western men enjoy going home to a house that's clean from top to bottom. At the same time, they want to make sure that they get a hot cooked meal all the time. At night, you'll need a warm companion whom you can share your adventures for the day. A Filipino woman can provide exactly that. They love a clean surrounding so for sure, the moment you leave your nest, the very first thing she will do is clean her surroundings. She may watch a soap opera or two and get to know the neighbors, and in the afternoon, he'll make sure that you have a hot meal to eat at the dining table. She'll also prepare quite a little more than usual for unexpected guests. She bathes just in time before you arrive and prepares your bath for the evening. They are very affectionate and would listen to any story you share with them. So even if you bring a surprise visitor at your home, your acquaintances will never see a filthy home.

A Personal Care Giver

In a fast moving world, when someone in the family needs more personal care because of an ailment, families that need to earn more income for the family expenses hire caregivers who provide personal care to a member of the family that requires more attention. If you'll notice, Filipinos are very good at caring for members of other people's families. Their best comes out when caring for people they love. They set aside some time to make it a point that even in their busy schedule; they'll be able to provide personal needs that you need when you are incapable of doing it for yourself. As a spouse, they'll watch over your needs up to the very last minute. They won't rest until they know that you're rested or in a comfortable state. They're the first one to rush in when you needed care the most. If anything happens to you, a Filipina spouse will make sure that the care you need won't come from a stranger but rather to a member of your family. You'll surely get the attention that you need.

A Personal Body Guard

Filipino women are very protective of their men. They are very sensitive to the events that may happen in your personal life. If by any chance someone attacks you personally, they're ready to defend you in any capacity that they can. If the opponent is bigger than they are, they'll get a bat and hit him in the head. If they can reach your opponent's face, they'll scratch their marks on their faces without thinking of the repercussions it will bring. They are tigers that are ready to stand by you at any cost. If they can't physically harm the person, they'll make attacks in your opponent's social networking sites so that everyone will know what your opponents did to you.

A Woman Who Deserves a Medal of Honor

What's makes a Filipino woman special? When they are in love, they become your best friend, lover, care-giver, cook, nanny, sidekick, hit man, and mother. They're the all-around woman in our life. So if you intend to marry a Filipino woman, make sure that she really loves you very much. Don't just chat with them online. Get to know them personally. A marriage for convenience or a relationship that doesn't have love but just physical or material needs may bring the opposite of what you read here.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
25th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post and excellent writing as well!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Nov 2013 (#)

Very interesting post, Dondi. From what I know Filipino women have the best of all qualities, Western and Asian. They have little inhibitions to sing and dance which other Asian women balk at and they are warm and happy go lucky - siva

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author avatar Dondi Lardizabal
26th Nov 2013 (#)

That's very true, Siva. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate it very much

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author avatar Legend
27th Nov 2013 (#)

Good read, informative

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author avatar Retired
3rd Dec 2013 (#)

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