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I seem to recall a time when high grades reflected a sign of higher intelligence. Here are some areas where we obviously are lacking a passing grade and possible ideas for improvement, lest we repeat past failures.

Smart gas

I saw a commercial for smart gas, gas that burns cleaner at the molecular level. I recall the days when we advanced from using “Regular” gasoline which deposited vast amounts of lead into the air causing choking smog. We get an A+ for that, along with vastly increasing fuel mileage over the days of true gas guzzlers. While having made recent advancements in electric car technologies, despite the fact they have been around for over a hundred years, we have made no progress towards feasible means of charging them up either at our homes or on the open road and for that we get an F-. Had they (The Big Three) not killed Kola Tesla, ruined Preston Tucker and discouraged Howard Hughes, we would undoubtedly be much closer if not decidedly utilizing much more sustainable vehicles to transport our oversized selves up and down the highways, again we get another F-.

Smart phones

When the telephone was invented and widely dispersed throughout the land, it was a great achievement for mankind, thanks Mr. Bell, A+. While it seems every six months they come out with a more sophisticated and awesome new model with new features and capabilities, the proliferation of this technology has only exasperated our obvious stupidity. If Alexander Graham Bell had had any idea of some of the ways his invention would be utilized, I think he would never have asked, Mr. Watson to “come in here.” Sexting, texting while driving and discussing your hemorrhoids while in line at the grocery store are just a few things that come to mind. I will admit they have their usefulness and they outweigh the misuses by an immature group that need to attend proper etiquette classes at their local community college, they need to come preloaded with parental controls or adult supervision provided, F-.

Smart cars

Aside from what I discussed above, are you kidding me? I can see where they have some usefulness in the cramped little streets of old Europe; they have absolutely no place on the super highways of modern America. Every time I see one going down the Interstate, I just want to run over it like an obstacle in my way that needs to be eliminated from the dreads of society. Really, they get not much better gas mileage than a mid sized sedan burning the aforementioned advanced fuel formula and they are much safer and far less stupid looking, not to mention a person of substantial size has to be shoe horned into them like a sardine. I would rather be seen driving a Yugo. Surely, the best minds in Germany can do better than this or they are just playing a cruel joke on us dumb Americans. For this they get a D, maybe C- at best.

Smart homes

Since the Stone Age, have we really made much improvement in this area? In some ways I would say, yes but in most ways I would say there is plenty of room for more work to be done. I have seen some really attractive and incredibly energy sufficient homes of all shapes and sizes, take note Al, however most of them are impractical and completely unaffordable for the common dweller. They are more novelties and works of art, curiosities, if you will. A good idea would be to retrofit older homes with energy efficient windows, better insulation and other inexpensive improvements to save energy, reducing their consumption of electricity and free some of it up for those hybrid electric cars I mentioned before. I have seen whole vinyl village neighborhoods barren of mature trees that had they been left in place could have reduced energy consumption by about a third in heating/cooling cost alone. Instead you have vast ugly eyesores completely exposed to the brutal rays of the sun and relentless blasts of cold winter winds, not to mention the lack of privacy and benefits mature trees bring to air quality and the environment, F-.

Smart ideas

There are so many areas we could be smarter and improve the quality and efficiency of our lives and our surroundings that people just refuse to recognize. Maybe I am just asking for intelligent minds to step up and make a difference. If a sparrow can move a house, we need to find out why technologies that have been around for over a century have not been furthered and developed to solve our societal needs for energy and better living conditions. I am writing a book on one which I will not share here but there are so many we just don’t think about and get an F- for fail. Dr. Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine to run on vegetable oil in 1897, just try driving around on it now and you will be fined and or imprisoned for violating federal and or state regulations without the proper permits, fees and additives to comply with their standards, just saying. That is only one example of where we could make enormous improvements on foreign oil dependence. So let’s stop abusing the word smart and start winning our and our children’s future. I have some ideas on how we can achieve this that I will share in coming articles, so we can get an A+. Thank you for reading this one and remember comments are always welcome.


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