What Guys Think is Clingy.

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These days, clingy is the only thing that comes out of a guy's mouth. Today, we will look at the little things that guys find suffocating.

Your Man Is Not a Leach.

If you text or call your boyfriend or any guy you like on a guy's night out, he will definitely feel like you are intruding or keeping tabs on him.

As far as leaving your toothbrush or personal hygiene items in his bathroom before he even has a chance to give you the key to his apartment is considered clingy for a guy especially if you are not living together yet. Ladies, we all know this is a way for us to mark our territory, but this is not the best way to get a man to commit if that is what you are looking for.

Expecting your boyfriend to spend all his free time with you is definitely clingy and a turn-off for most guys. Most guys enjoy having their space and women need to respect this.

Extreme public display of affection in public places such as restaurants. Women can't keep their hands off their partners especially when other attractive females are around. While it may seem that your guy is enjoying your love and affection, it might make him feel very uncomfortable. Again, clingy, needy, possessive and controlling.

Clingy behavior is talking to your guy about spending the holidays together. According to a recent article in Cosmo magazine, guys aren't wired to plan so far in advance. As a result, he may feel rushed or pressured that he might have to get married. If he is looking to remain a bachelor for the rest of his life, then let him initiate the talk and don't put too many expectations on him especially at the beginning of the relationship.

It's okay if your boyfriend watches the Superbowl and has a few beers with his friends. Don't be selfish and expect him to give you all his attention. Just wait till Half-Time if anything. If you don't allow your partner to go play golf with his friends once in a while, you are definitely being clingy. Your partner will rebel and look for a way to do it regardless so you might as well not nag him about it.

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5th Feb 2011 (#)

A good write up doc. I am back on triond too...check my posts there.

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6th Feb 2011 (#)

cool. I will.

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author avatar Retired
6th Feb 2011 (#)

This is great.

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author avatar satan fury
6th Feb 2011 (#)

Thank you martin

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author avatar R. Person
20th Feb 2011 (#)

Thanks for the insight!

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
23rd May 2011 (#)

Nice psychological points to follow.

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author avatar satan fury
17th Jun 2011 (#)

thanks for sharing Rathnashikamani

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author avatar satan fury
5th Aug 2011 (#)

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