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Gardening can be rewarding, heartwarming and sometimes frustrating... All at the same time!

Come read about and see what grows for me, as well as despite me!

Spring Has Sprung In My Yard

As I was leaving for work, I saw a splash of brilliant yellow in my front yard. Curious, I had to step over to see what it was.

Joy, oh, JOY! I was seeing one of the first signs that Spring had finally decided to slip into my yard!

I had two tiny Miniature Daffodils blooming!

I Found More Color

As I was admiring the beautiful little blooms, I noticed a bright spot of purple, too. Of course, I had to step over there to see what THAT was!

More evidence of Spring! Spring Crocus were starting to bloom, too! I was quite happy to see the two harbingers of Spring!

I am very tired of Winter!

Summer's Treats

Seeing the clear evidence that Missouri was NOT locked into an eternal Winter made me start thinking of the chores I needed to do around my yard to ready it for all my plants to come out and show their beauty.

One of the first things I needed to do is take down last year's Pampas Grass so my Lord and Lady Plant could think about flowering in another month or so. (I wasn't looking forward to the stench of zombies the flower gives off, but the beauty of the flower more than makes up for the smell... Of course, that is my own opinion, not shared by my daughter, Pretty! (Laughing!))

My Lord and Lady Plant is an oddity in my yard. It was brought from Brazil over twenty years ago by my aunt. (My aunt used to live in the same house Pretty and I occupy now.) It starts growing in the late fall, can be a bright splash of green against the Winter snow and ice (When the Pampas Grass doesn't hide it.), blooms in the late Spring (For three days.), then dies down until late fall.

Pampas Grass

My Pampas Grass starts growing, usually a day or so after I cut it back but it doesn't get big enough before the Lord and Lady Plant blooms to hide the flower.

Pampas Grass needs help growing in my part of the United States. Winter can be too harsh for Pampas Grass to survive if some special measures are not taken.

You can see that my sidewalk runs beside it. Even during the harshest weather, the concrete sidewalk absorbs enough heat to keep the roots from freezing, allowing me to grow this beautiful plant.

Green Stripe Bamboo

I also have Green Striped Bamboo growing in my front yard in two distinct beds. One of the beds is against the South side of my front porch, shading it from the sun as well as covering it from the neighbor's prying eyes!

The other plot of bamboo is roughly twenty feet to the South of the front porch, blocking the view into my kitchen window. (Yes, I do tend to like my privacy!)

Sugar Cane

I also have a large clump of Sugar Cane growing in one corner of my back yard, close to the street. (The first year after Pretty and I planted the Sugar Cane, it closely resembled corn growing in our yard. Several of the neighbors wanted to know why I only planted two stalks of corn... Pretty and I had several good laughs when different neighbors ask us that!)

Now, there is no doubt at all about this clump being corn or not!

The Abundance Of Fall

Okay, this is the part of the year when I am not fond of my yard and its treasures. While my aunt lived here, she thought the yard needed more color in the Fall. She bought a bag (100 lbs.) of Fall Crocus bulbs and broadcast them across the entire yard. She made sure to cover the entire front, side and back yard of this house with these bulbs!

I know I wouldn't have minded so much, if only she had picked some other color of Fall Crocus besides pinky-purple!

All the neighbors compliment Pretty and I on how beautiful the yard looks wearing this definitely female color!

Then they have the most horrified look when I bring out the lawn mower and take down every one of those flowers! Even though I have mowed these Fall Crocuses down every year (Roughly 13 years.) since Pretty and I moved here, they insist on growing again the next year! (The flower buds look like cotton swabs. Then the flowers unfold into the pinky-purple mass you see in this picture.)

Color In Winter

I actually do have two plants in my yard that tolerate the Winter weather without losing their green color.

The Green Striped Bamboo is Winter hardy where I live, and the Lord and Lady Plant both provide some relief from the whites, grays and tans of Winter in my state.

All pictures belong to me. Please do not copy/use these pictures without first gaining my permission. Thank you.


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author avatar WOGIAM
12th Apr 2014 (#)

I like you garden, you do not appear to be the type who would keep a plant growing garden haha.

Good to know that spring is round the corner, it has to hurry up though, we are all getting tired of winter and the effect it had on us.

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author avatar DaddyEvil
14th Apr 2014 (#)

(Laughing!) If you think I don't seem like the kind of person to have a plant garden, you simply don't know me very well, yet!
I was born and raised on a farm. My youngest brother and I had our own gardens from the time we were around five and six years old. We raised corn, beans, tomatoes and bell peppers in our small garden. We took care of our garden and were happy when we contributed to our meals from it!
My mom always had several acres of garden that we harvested and she canned for our family. Everyone helped in the garden. She also had flower beds all around the house. We all worked in those, too!
You must have been busy on "B" when I wrote about my houseplant and the small garden my daughter and I put out this last year.

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author avatar Sara
22nd Jun 2014 (#)

hey RJBRES ! i have come back to bubblews but where are you?
missing ya!

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