What Exactly is "Limerence"?

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Limerence, a new word coined by Deborah Tennov but what exactly does it mean? Here is an article discussing about this new term.


"To be in the state of limerence is to feel what is usually termed" being in love."

Limerence is a word coined by psychologist, Deborah Tennov, to explain the emotional state of being in love. In her book, Love and Limerence: The Experience of Being in Love, she did interviews with over 500 people on the topic of love. At times, limerence is also interpret to be infatuation which is commonly known as a crush but as limerence continues to transform, a limerent object will be created.

"Limerence enters your life pleasantly, Someone takes on a special meaning. It may be an old friend unexpectedly seen in a new way. Or it may be a new person, someone who only a week before, perhaps just yesterday, was unknown to you,"

You will never know when limerence is going to come into your life. It could be at any time unexpectedly and anyone in your life can take on a special meaning to you but there is no explanation on why limerence happens. It can be someone that you have known for a long time or someone that you have just encounter. No one knows exactly why limerence happens. Maybe it is like what most people say, fate.

"Limerence is, above all else, mental activiy." ,"You admire, you are physically attracted, you see, or think you see, the hint of possible reciprocity, and the process is set in motion"

Limerence is all in the mind of a person which happens naturally and suddenly you will find yourself being drawn to another person. Once your mind has set its direction towards a certain person, you will be physically attracted to him or her. You will be hoping that your feelings will be reciprocated and something will blossom out of it.

"Limerence is not mere sexual attraction. Although you may interpret as sexual attraction... Limerence is a desire for more than sex, and a desire in which the sexual act may represent the symbol of its highest achievement: reciprocation."

Limerence is not just being attracted to someone sexually. Sex is just a physical way of expressing reciprocation. Being limerence to someone actually brings hope for an individual, "reality as it is perceived that provides the base for limerent hopefulness.", an individual will hope for a return of feelings from the person that they like. Limerence consist of three main components such as intrusive thinking, fear of rejection and physical effects.


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author avatar LOVERME
2nd May 2015 (#)

At times, limerence is also interpret to be infatuation which is commonly known as a
crush but as limerence continues to transform, a limerent object will be created.

great creativity now u know humans do it god besides standing

'''crush but as limerence...''' great juss great

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author avatar LOVERME
2nd May 2015 (#)

infatuation crush but as limerence

great words new for me thankx to thee

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