What Ever Happened to Good Old Fashion Values: How Did Rude Behavior Become Common?

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Where have all of the old fashioned values and traits gone to in today's society? How did rude and inconsiderate behavior become common in our society?

Rude and Inconsiderate People.

Can someone please tell me how the hell rude, disrespectful behavior became a trait in today's society. You can see it everyday and just about anywhere. What is amazing is that the people doing the rude behavior are often the parents and they do it front of their kids. Listed below are the most common rude and disrespectful behaviors I see on a regular basis. So if you are guilty of some of these well you might want to make a change.

1.) Screaming in public. I was in a department store the other day and a heavyset lady was screaming at her sister that was about 6 aisles over. Advice -- Walk your fatass over there.

2.) People acting like they own the road. In my hometown I see this everyday. You get a bunch of kids playing in the streets and their parents don't even tell them to watch out for the cars. Advice -- Better get junior off the street before he is run over.

3.) People saving places for their friends while waiting in line. Over the summer I had a great experience with this one at a amusement park. One lady decided to save around 20 spots for all of her friends and they proceeded to jump about 100 people in line. Advice -- Don't do it; as eventually someone is going to blow a gasket and really go off.

4.) Talking down to a waitress/waiter or sales clerk. The other day I witnessed this firsthand as a young lady was complaining about her meal at a local restaurant. She proceeded to not just insult the cook but also the waitress. Advice -- Remember that the waitress has nothing to do with how your meal is, she is only serving it but she could always tamper a little with it if you are an ass.

5.) Using curse words in public. I seen this a few times with parents cursing at their kids for doing something wrong. Going along with this is punishing your kid in public too. You should never have to resort to spanking your kids in public. Advice -- Watch out or you might get bitch slapped if you do this.

Final Advise -- Stop being rude and disrespectful jackass!


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author avatar Val Mills
16th Jun 2010 (#)

Good one!

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author avatar Rita Seaton
12th Mar 2011 (#)

I understand what you are saying. The world has indeed changed. There's one thing I noticed, however, if you don't mind me saying so... :)

You mentioned not cursing in public, yet you used several curse words in your public article. :(
That's another value that seems to have gone down the tubes. Curse words shouldn't be used privately or publicly. They have no goodness nor grace. They show lack of self control in times of frustration. I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

Anyway, I appreciate your disgust with the rudeness of today as well. :)

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