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This story was published in my book Picking Up The Pieces: A Woman's Journey and it is a slice out of my youth

A Good Friend

For once in my life I had a really good friend. Maxine meant the world to me. We became friends in grade 4 and then Claudia came along. Claudia naturally clung to Maxine for two reasons. First of all, they were both from Nova Scotia and secondly they were both Black.

However, instead of the three of us becoming good friends, Claudia was hell bent on having Maxine all to herself. Maxine would have none of it. She still remained my friend.
Though I knew that Maxine was my one true friend, it didn't make it easier to deal with Claudia. Claudia was around all the time. She wanted to manipulate Maxine's time. Either she would ignore me or laugh at me and make cruel jokes.

Laughing at my clothes

The cruelest joke that I could remember had to do with my clothing. All three of us lived in the ghetto and money was scarce. I lived with my grandmother, Maxine lived with her mom since her parents were divorced and Claudia's mom was also struggling to raise three children on her own. Claudia knew only too well how hard it was to buy new clothes and be as fashionable as the middle class kids we had to see everyday at the high school we attended. No longer were we going to a ghetto school.

Today the politically correct term is inner city school, but back then it was still known as a ghetto school, plain and simple. Nevertheless, Claudia was still a teenager of 14 years old, and just had to prove that she was fashion hip.

One winter my grandmother received some clothes from the Salvation Army for me. In the box was this white scarf with this hat attached. Since I did not have a hat or scarf yet that winter she felt it was just perfect for me. It was perfect all right; it was perfectly awful. It was out of style. Not only was it out of style it was ugly. It had these cheesy looking silver things hanging on the hat part. I don't think I have ever seen an uglier hat. I was 13 years old and I knew that if I went to school with that thing on, I would be the laughing stock of the school. I pouted, I stamped my foot I pleaded but nothing worked, my grandmother said I was wearing it and that was it. So to school I went with this ugly hat on. Claudia took one look at the hat and laughed her fool head off.

Now when Claudia laughed it was loud, it was throaty, and it was meant to call attention to her and to the victim of course. She started singing "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree" and I just wanted to die. She continued to tease me about that hat all winter long. When the winter was over I conveniently lost that hat, as I was not about to face another winter of torment.

Well cheese on bread

Having said all that, there were times the three of us did have fun together. When Claudia was not teasing me I actually did enjoy being around her. Claudia would come out with the funniest sayings that made both Maxine and I continuously laugh. One of her sayings was "well cheese on bread". It may not sound so funny now but to 13/14-year-old girls it was hilarious.

The lady on the bus

Another thing we all would do which is typical for teenagers of any generation was to sit in the back of the bus and giggle our fool heads off. The more the passengers looked aggravated the more we giggled. However, on one particular occasion we were not sitting in the back of the bus rather somewhere in the middle. Several people boarded the bus after us and as one particular lady was passing by us she happened to step on Claudia's foot. Claudia turned to me and said,

"Carol that lady just stepped on my foot".

Normally Claudia would have said it loud enough for the whole bus to hear but this time the comment really was meant for my ears only. She just seemed so surprised. As luck would have it the lady was still in hearing distance and shouted out quite angrily

"If you didn't have your foot out in the aisle I wouldn't have stepped on it now would I".

That was it. The war was on! Claudia yelled out loud enough so that whole bus would hear,

"I will bat you around this bus right now".

The woman just huffed and moved to a vacant seat. Okay, so this story may not sound funny now, I guess it was one of those you had to be there moments. Anyhow, to 13/14-year-old girls everything is funny. What made it even funnier was the fact that this woman looked like she was about five foot eight and 350 pounds while Claudia was barely 5 foot 2 and about 90 pounds. The imagery that Maxine and I conjured up was just too funny. So what did we do while all this was going on? You guessed it we laughed our fool heads off.

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author avatar Sherri Granato
29th Jan 2015 (#)

You guys must have been a riot to watch from afar. Giggling girls never fail to get a rise, but two friends hanging out often get on better when a third wheel isn't messing things up. As for "well cheese on bread", that is definitely a unique use of words amongst teenage girls.

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author avatar Sherri Granato
29th Jan 2015 (#)

Congrats on your well deserved star page.

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