Welcoming Your New Baby Home

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What do you do when you bring the new baby home? How does this effect the rest of the family?


You have just given birth to your first child and are ready to go home from the hospital. The first few days at home with your new baby are so important. As a mother you have just gone through an intense birthing process, but don’t forget the father. Most new fathers start worrying right away about the new responsibilities they are about to face. You both will start to feel overwhelmed and start wondering silently to yourself if you will make a good parent. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can say to ease your worries.

When you first arrive at home with your newborn, it is recommended that you give yourself and the baby time to adjust. Therefore, you should limit the number of visitors for the first week or so. It is fine to have your immediate family visit and it is recommended. Your mother will be a world of help and information as you take on this new responsibility of taking care of your first baby.

As a new mother it is so important to pay attention to the way you feel. Some new mothers experience “baby flues” for a few days or weeks after giving birth. No wonder, your body is going through some physical changes after the birth. Your hormones will start changing and you will feel tired from the lack of sleep you are getting. However, this is a normal part of child birth and you should give yourself plenty of time to recover. But, if the depression continues for an extended period of time it is recommended that you consult your physician.

There are a few ways you can try to keep the depression under control.

1.Make sure you are getting plenty of rest. When your baby is napping it is a good time to close your eyes and relax.
2.You must not be hard on yourself and put unnecessary pressure on yourself to get back to normal. Let your family help you with the housework, shopping, and taking care of the baby when you need some rest. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
3.Limiting the time you stay alone will help ease the depression. It is a good idea to have frequent visits from your family and a few close friends. Talk with them about how you are feeling. This will help ease the depression.
4.Talk with your doctor about how you have been feeling. He can recommend a counselor to help you get through your depression.
5.Talk with your close friends who just had a baby. Ask them if they experienced the same feeling you are experiencing now. Many of your friends have experience the depression and can give you a few helpful ideas on how they combated it.
6.Get out of the house and take the baby for long walks on a sunny day. Sitting at home alone will only add to your depression.
7.Call a friend and go shopping. You may be feeling depressed because you have gained some weight. Have your best friend help you choose a new outfits that will make you feel better. Don’t worry about the few pounds you have gained. This is normal with your first baby.
8.Once you have been released from the doctor start an in-home exercise program. When you baby is sleeping it is time for you to get back in shape. Exercise is a great way to combat the depression.

In Conclusion

As a first time mother you will go through some physical and emotional changes. You might even experience depression or a lack of sleep. Just remember many new mothers go through exactly the same feelings, emotions, and lack of sleep. I know this doesn’t make it any easier. But, you need to realize that being too hard on yourself and demanding too much will only add to your depression. Give yourself a few weeks to adjust to your new world, drink plenty of water, and eat a healthy diet for you new baby.


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