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I first heard my song sang by the "King" of Pop music from his concert in Hawaii. It gave me such a thrill when I needed to be uplifted the most. Even though the words were changed I still recognized it and knew that someday it would become famous. This is a dedication to my dear friend who passed away and helped me with this song.

The writing of the song

When I was about ten years old I wrote a beautiful song too God and my dear friend Judy wrote the music for me. Together we composed this song “Welcome to God’s World” I learn that she passed away this past week and it so saddened me as we were friends from the age of five. When I wrote this song my mother had it patented with my name on it as Judy insisted that she did not want her name on it because I had written the lyrics and basically hummed the music but was not able to put the notes etc. in proper order. I was not very good at music back then with no lessons, however Judy was very good from age of five. She truly did a lot to get the melody of the song just perfect.

Distribution of the song

After my mother had it patented she sent it off to a publisher in Nashville (whom shall remain annoymous) and it was several years before we heard back. There was a contract with a check if my mother would sign it giving them permission to change some of the words. My mother not knowing any better and not contacting a lawyer did just that. We did not hear anything more about it until one day when----

My Accident

I was in my early twenties and had been in a very severe car accident. I had to stay in the hospital over a year and go through many years of therapy. My ribs were broken, I was in suspended traction, my teeth were all knocked out, my toes were twisted and broken and even my legs had been mangled in the accident. My head was hurt with several blows and I suffered from TBI. You get the picture, I was suffering so badly that at the time I was getting morphine shots to help me through the pain. I was deeply depressed to be so messed up at such a young age. I am sure by now you know where I am coming from and understand why this song meant so much to me. My dear friend Judy stayed by my side the whole time I was in the hospital.

First Time We heard Our Beautiful Song

It was in the evening, Sunday I believe and Elvis Presley was doing his concert from Hawaii when all of a sudden he sang my song. My heart fell at my feet, my heart was racing 100 miles an hour! I could not believe that he was actually singing MY SONG! I found out later that it had been sold to Jim Reeves, and the lyrics had been slightly changed to turn it into a love ballet. I have the patent for the religious version, but my mother had signed it off for any other version. I do not have the patented for the Love Ballad. You will recognize the song when I write it. Just remember when I say "Welcome to God’s World", the ballad says “Welcome to His World”.

Welcome to God's World Lyrics

Welcome to God’s World, won’t you please come in.
Miracles I know still happen now and then.
Knock and the door will open, seek and you will find
Ask and you will be given the keys to God’s World Divine

Dedication to my dear friend

I am dedicating this to my dear friend Judy Sheldon, who just recently passed away. Together we made the song and together we heard it on live TV sung by the “King”for the “King”of all “Kings” God bless and hope you remember the song entirely and saw his wonderful concert. I know that my friend is now in God's World, for her tomorrow is now today and it is the kingdom of heaven. She was a very good and descent person who taught school for over thirty years. She was a joy in my life and a life long friend.


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author avatar snerfu
15th May 2015 (#)

So sad to hear of the accident and your friend's passing. May her soul rest in peace.
I appreciate all of Jim Reeves' songs and Welcome to My World is also one of my favorites. I am honored to meet you.

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author avatar writershirley lopez
15th May 2015 (#)

Yes, it does please me to know that this song did get published even though it is not in the religious version that it was so intended. I like his music very much as well.

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