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While the Communion service may be a serious and solemn time, there can certainly be many positive thoughts and gratitude for the privilege, and the welcome by our Host, the Lord Jesus.

When your receive the usual dinner invitation...

Imagine with me for a moment. You answer your ringing phone. After exchanging some small talk, your caller asks you a question and, after checking your calendar, you assure them that you are free and available.
What crosses our minds after having received a dinner invitation? That will depend on several things. Is the host an old friend, a relative, or a new acquaintance? Is the occasion casual or formal? Is this business -related or strictly pleasure? Depending on the answer to these questions, we’ll decide what to wear. If the occasion is a formal affair, we’ll certainly be sure to use our best manners. If our host is a new or recent acquaintance, we’ll perhaps tell our cleverest stories or share our most incredible experiences.

The invitation to the Lord's Table, or Communion

We are now here by invitation at this table. No airs will be put on. We’re fully known by our host. We’ll not impress Him with anything new or unknown to him. Our darkest secrets and deepest shames – which might destroy our relationship with others - are already known to Him. His intention is not to shame, humiliate or embarrass us. Our host has no hidden motives or secret schemes. He wants to share our burdens, our sorrows, and our victories. These emblems remind us of the love that would cause Him to choose the cross, rather than avoid it.
Come, and enjoy this quiet moment with Jesus, rejoicing in His love, and His desire to fellowship with you.


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