Wedding Traditions in Spain and Latin America

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The marriage is one of the most important moments in the life of a person. It is the decision to begin a new life with the loved one, to begin a new journey and a family.

Wedding Traditions in Spain and Latin America

Women usually think big to dream her wedding. Imagine the dress, rings, the party and even the prince.

A Wedding is unique and unrepeatable. Its essence will depend on the personality of the couple, and the involvement of family and friends will also be reflected in the celebration of the link. However, there are some common issues based on traditions.

The alliances of the bride and groom

Gold also represents the durability of that love. Popular belief holds that a tight alliance predicts a close marriage, while loose alliances portend a short marriage and no future.

It is common for partnerships to be taken to the altar by children courtship, either in a small basket or on a cushion.

They take on the ring finger because, as the popular saying, there is a vein that runs from this finger directly to the heart.

The procession takes the pledge

They are usually brought to the altar by the procession, like the rings. The arras thirteen coins are delivered to the groom to the bride, symbolizing that the personal property to be shared at that moment.

In this case, the number thirteen is a good omen for a future family income.
Dress and veil of the bride

The white color is used in Western culture symbolizes the virginity of Bride, Who is delivered into the arms of pure love.

The veil is performed using the bride during the wedding ceremony to cover his face. After the wedding, the groom lifts the veil and kisses his wife. Although its use is falling into disuse, some brides are still taking it as it symbolizes purity.
Throwing or giving away the bride's bouquet

In the United States and many Latin American countries, the bride throws the branch single women at the party, who are desperately trying to catch him. The popular belief that the single brand that gets the bouquet will be the next to marry.

In other countries, like Spain, it is common that the bouquet is handed to a person previously designated by the couple.
Links for unmarried women

In France, was born the tradition of chasing the bride to take the league as it was considered good luck. Over time, brides began throwing the league voluntarily to avoid the chasing for the party.

At present, it is not used to launch leagues.
The 5 inflatable’s of the Bride

Something blue, something new, something old, something borrowed and something used. A well known phrase, repeated over time. But what does it mean?

* The blue symbolizes loyalty.

* Symbolizes the new life that is undertaken as a whole and the desire for a happy future.

* The old is a symbol of continuity and the building blocks of life. It symbolizes what is left behind, but still present: family, friends.

* The symbol used to maintain what is important in personal life.

* It provided a symbol of friendship. In the past it was thought that using something from someone who was happy, he appealed to happiness.

In England, the bride should carry a penny in your shoe for the happiness and fertility. Preferably, the currency must be the year of his birth.
The best man

In the past, the daughter was owned by his parents. Hence the tradition that is just the father to deliver it to the altar. However, today this custom symbolizes the blessing of the union by the parents.
The ring and charms wedding cake

Typically, the cake (or pie) wedding has in charms with ribbons, which throw the shower invitations to the party. Who take the ring will be the next to marry.

There is a lots tradition, depending on the culture to which it belongs. Keeping traditions or not is entirely up to the couple. The important thing is to make every wedding a personal event. Find more on wedding planner and indian wedding traditions also goa beach wedding

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