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It has been said that marriages are made in heaven. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event for most people which makes it a very special occasion. Almost everybody fantasizes about their special day and most of us want to make it a big celebration. The challenge for invited guests is what gift to purchase for the lucky couple. Here's a guide to wedding gift giving etiquette that's sure to help at this special time.

Giving Wedding Gifts

How much gift giving etiquette do you know about giving wedding gifts? Must you give gifts to the bride and groom if your invited to the wedding? Should the newlyweds give gifts to members of their wedding party? This is merely a sample of the questions both guests and couples have when it comes to giving and receiving wedding presents. Wedding gifts have been a tradition in weddings for a long time.

Don't Ask for Nor Expect Wedding Gifts

As much as you want to get gifts, you should not expect any, as guests are not obligated to bring a gift. That said giving wedding gifts is customary, unless the couple tying the knot insists otherwise. Keep in mind that all folks are unique. Some folks may have financial difficulties that prevent them from giving gifts at your wedding.

One thing you don't want to do is to refer to gifts on your wedding invitation. You probably know this but it is worth noting anyways. Think about it for a second, out of all the wedding invitations you've received, how many of those talked about receiving wedding gifts? None. Occasionally the store where you have your bridal registry may want to place a card in your wedding invitations, but this is not good wedding gift etiquette and there's a possibility you could offend some of your wedding guests. The most acceptable way to let folks know about your bridal registry is by word of mouth. Simply ask your family and friends to spread the word about your bridal registry.

Practical Wedding Gifts

The giving of wedding gifts is to help the newlywed couple set up their new home, so a wedding gift is often a useful item that helps the happy couple start their new life together. Guests often give newlyweds practical gifts such as dinner sets, flatware, appliances, and furnishings. Practical gifts are always welcome.

When the couple looks at the gifts they received, they don't look at the cost, but they look at the feeling behind which they are given.

Show Me the Money

You may want money as a gift simply because you may not have the need for some gifts, but do keep in mind that you should not let your guests feel that they are obligated to help out in paying your wedding or for your honeymoon location. So never mention that you want money for your wedding present. If you really want money, about the only cool way to approach the situation would be to ask close family members and friends to help you spread the word, but do not expect much.

Gift Etiquette for The Bridal Party

It is customary for the wedding groom and bride-to-be to give groomsmen, flower girls, the ring bearer and each of her bridesmaids a gift to thank them for their participation. This is a long standing tradition in wedding etiquette and is actually a great way of acknowledging their effort, time and costs, and a way of showing appreciation for all their hard work. The gifts don't need to be expensive, but should be heartfelt. Typically the Best Man and Maid of Honor will get an additional gift for their extra level of participation.

Non Traditional Wedding Presents

It does not have to be along the traditional lines of wedding gifts. In fact, the more creative your thinking, the more unique your gifts will be. When it comes to finding unique wedding gifts for the guests of your wedding, the sky is literally the limit.

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