We can unknowingly set a bad example. "I'm going to a meeting."

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In some professions we can be called away from our families to meet other's needs. We must be careful to keep a balance between our occupations and our outside activities, especially if it impacts our children.

"I'm going to a meeting."

Working as a Counselor professionally means sometimes you may be called upon to meet with individuals who are not assigned to you by your organization. As an Elder in the Church, I was called upon to meet with families who were experiencing conflict within the home. During times of economic recession, the frequency of this increased. I found myself away from home sometimes two nights per week.

When my son was 5 years old I found myself away from home more often than I expected. Nights I was home were spent watching television or playing games together. When I had to be out, he always knew when I was going and that I would try to be home for his bedtime. Sometimes that was not possible, and he would be asleep when I got home.

On one occasion my wife was late getting home from work. I took Daniel with me to the meeting of a couple who sought counseling. Since their daughter and my son had known each other since they were toddlers I thought there would be no harm in taking him with me.

When we arrived at the couple's home my son and his friend greeted each other with glee. As I sat with the couple to begin counseling, Daniel mounted the tricycle of his friend and rode to the door that led to the play room. He stopped and said, "Good bye dad, I'm going to a meeting."

I was stunned to hear this. I then realized that I had set an example of going to see others while leaving him at home with his mother. Had he begun to feel that everyone else was more important than he? That only after other's needs were met did I have time for him? Daniel's comment stayed with me throughout the evening as I met with the couple who need guidance.

After that evening I began spending more time at home, and more time with Daniel. Long walks in the woods and several games of chess some nights reassured him that he was special and that I loved him dearly.


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kids are very sensitive we can't ignore ours Take care first come kids Counseling can be done at laid down timings Have you ever known me or ever read me Do so know as I am also a poetic counselor all well on wiki by now know ..You too will do follow me then I will

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