We are unable to destroy so many of our children...

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Learn the truth of Election, Freewill, and predestination in a story form based on scripture.

We are unable to destroy so many of our children...

The Son of God Spoke…

“We are unable to destroy so many of our children who richly deserve our wrath. Many being misled have slipped down the slippery slope of betrayal. And many feeling burning shame would rather die than face us again. We decided rather than to kill or destroy; there must be a better way of melding repentance and reconciliation. Even though you are intimately familiar with death, you have no experience with in dealing with evil. For if you did, you'd know there is no moderate middle ground that gives rest, for there is either evil and death or righteousness and life.
"And many have taken the path of the middle thinking erroneously, self-discipline, moral self-righteousness, and good intentions could be an acceptable substitute for the love and brotherhood we aspired in all. And because of this ignorance some of you thought, just like the addicts, you could put one toe into its dark waters without completely falling in, overwhelmed, compromised, and drowned.
"All the universes and galaxies have ceased to exist. There is no Heaven, Laviah Zoo, or light outside these walls. In fact, we are not even on Terra anymore. The Great House of The One has moved outside time and space, for we have fully destroyed everything we have constructed rather than let one number of life die needlessly who might contain the feeblest spark of repentance.
"Because of your perfidy and wanting Luciah, a number of life to rule over you, we will give you your wish. All numbers of life will be born again out of your indestructible shell into a weak vessel composed of flesh. You will awake as a new construction in the circle of life. We who are The One are doing this for three reasons.
"One is so you will know and experience death personally without its finality. You couldn't do this as numbers of life. You will get sick having all the aliments the circle of life experiences. And as you slowly wither in sickness, and death, some inner part of you will long for the love of The One. And you will try many systems to substitute for our rule, but all will fail. You will learn there is no goodness in any soul except through us. And you will learn this truth the hard way, as you are blinded by injustice and drowned in the callousness of those who rule over you.
"The second reason is so you will be able to experience evil totally and intimately. You will see how your own kind will treat you, those whom have always been family. You will live in a world that does not want know your name. Your leaders will be evil children gleefully clapping their hands at your suffering. You will not be safe in your nation, your house, or in the wilderness. You will work by the sweat of your brow just to simply survive. The brotherhood you have thrown away here with eyes wide open, you will desire again as you live in a world full of deadly strangers. With fear, you will walk your world because you did not accept the peace of mind you were freely given here. You will experience this so that you may compare the lifestyle you have given up here, to that you had in the flesh.
"And thirdly, you will be ruled by Luciah and his children, as many wanted in this life. You can then hopefully make a decision so simple that it boggles our imagination there is any discussion of the answer. The only question is will you choose life or death. And through this process, you will see what kind of world you will build without the totality of The One. Look to your left and right. See how he will treat you. You will be able to see with clarity what truly dwells in the deepest part of all numbers without the love of The One.
"You will have no remembrance of where you came from or what you truly are. You will be born innocent, the same soul but a different shell, to make the choices you should have made here. Is it life or death, peace or war, luxury or poverty, endless strangers or endless brotherhood? And after the fullness of time and the ending of passing of numbers through the circle of life, and the emptying of the Well of Souls, there will be a thousand year kingdom. It will be for teaching those who failed in the flesh to do what is right. And by this last millennial kingdom of the second Universe of God, everyone will possess the full memories of all the prior eternities in conjunction with the memories of your fleshly existence. We desire all to know truth and rise from the ashes of their past failures, to be pleasing to us by desiring to be with us forever.
"In the last days many will not have a chance to learn for we will blind them for their own good, except for my Elect. That seeing they may see and not perceive; and hearing they may hear and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them. This is so no one may lose their souls and the promised eternities because of what they did in the flesh out of ignorance. It would defeat our purpose for anyone to become eternally damned because of the flesh.
"This is our rationale; we desire none to perish but want all to come to full understanding of the truth of The One. We have no one else but you. We want everyone to return successful. You will learn exactly what Luciah is about, for he will demonstrate fully the love he has for you as you intimately see his deeds, works, and fruits of his hand.
"We will create the construction some wanted so badly in the Angelic construction. And that shall be a female. And from umbilical cord to umbilical cord, all thirteen billion of you will go through the second universe. This first Universe of God is forever finished. I reiterate the obvious; we will not have any dogs biting us in our house. And as we have said so many times, the breath and great expanses of all creation is our house. And after your voyage through in the flesh age, if you still feel like growling and baring your teeth at us, then walk proudly into the lake of fire and die.
"We will not make it mandatory to be born again. Those who refuse will embrace eternal death. It is our way or the highway. As a sovereign, we have bent over backwards, to ensure you will live with us in the third and final Universe of God. You must be reborn from a number of life into a human being to gain eternal life; you must be born again.
"Human beings will call the numbers of life Angels. And very few will understand the obvious connection between the numbers of life and them. For in the final analysis, whether flesh or the indestructible, you are the same fellow servants of God and our beloved children. This is the bond between the circle of life and the numbers of life you have been unable to see here. As flesh, you will not be able to discern your true heritage, your true beginnings, or your innate preciousness to The One. You will languish trying to figure what you are in the grand scheme of things. The greatest interrogatives pondered are 'where did I come from, and why am I here'. Everything will be vanity. Your flesh will be your worst enemy - a new intelligent couch. It will have desires and needs you will not be able to understand fully now. It will constantly war against your soul.
“You will grow old and wrinkled, feeble, and turn back into the dust, full of pains. You will be weak in your frame, easily broken, but mighty in your intellect. All will be submerged in the marketing of evil, and mourn the precious gems of simple goodness and family. And the question asked for a thousand generations will be the most stupid - 'what is the meaning of life?' The true answer will always be rejected. The meaning of life is responsibility to your Creator."
Yahshua paused again sensing the boiling stress in the sea of life. In their blindness, tears flowed violently as the numbers listen in paralyzing shock to what he was saying. Yahshua looked back through the nuclear brightness at Yahaveh. They exchanged information and he continued.
"And we will take the loyal nation of Cydonia and make them my circle of life people. They shall be our Chosen Race and a blessing for the new creation we will construct. They will bring the words of truth and origin to a spiritually backward ignorant people whom like the fish, are willfully ignorant and unable to know the land. Our Chosen will spread our word throughout the fullness of the earth.
"I myself will enter the circle of life through them and give everyone that wills salvation and redemption. I go to reclaim and destroy the keys of death. And I will graphically prove how much we that are God love all the numbers of life, for the final time. And what I will do, I do not have to do, but I do it gladly for we love you. And by my great sacrifice, you will know to what lengths we are willing to go to ensure you are with us forever.
"Rest assured what we do now is the verily expected. Believe me, we were not surprised one bit by what happened. Our only hope was it would happen a thousand eternities from now, and not today. But we knew this is an inevitable byproduct of the freewill we have wrought in all numbers of life. And we still loved you enough to give it to you any way, despite whatever costs."
The whole was unable to process this. The scope and breath of what was conveyed was overwhelming. All the numbers of life rocked back and forth in their blindness, in their private darkness with tears running freely down their faces. Even the Elect rocked and cried for this was unacceptable and incredibly bad in the worst possible sense. No scenario could have been worse. No one wanted to be a circle of life creation, venerable, soft, an animal, a defecating beast - something less.
Mariah reached out through the Continuum realizing even he was not immune from this judgment. He did nothing wrong. Against his will, he felt the bile of unmerited unfairness creep into this throat. And he and thirteen billion numbers of life wailed loudly in their blindness, vibrating with distress trying to find anything positive; they failed. All their possessions were gone: everything destroyed! Suddenly the Throne Room shook with the despondent wails that tore the hearts of those who were The One. The Zoon snapped their heads back howling loudly. Everyone screamed horribly while projecting repentance to The One - anything but this. The mournful howls continued escalating in intensity as billions threw themselves onto the floor deranged with grief, begging for the forgiveness of The One, promising fidelity, as sorrow and insanity born of unfathomable torment raged like a tangible monster amongst all.
The nuclear brightness of the Throne room waned. The numbers of life began to open their eyes. It got much worse as they saw the beauty of the Throne Room and visualized their great loss. The wailing and screaming escalated. Nothing could be said that would cool the boiling despair scalding the whole. More numbers fell to the floor screaming out of their minds.
Even the Elect joined the chaos. Their overwhelming feelings of injustice were incontrovertible; they were the faithful. This was mass punishment, nothing mattered except what they wanted to hear - they didn't have to go into the flesh. Love is supposed to be received by those that love The One. They were the only faithful throughout the crazy madness. They felt overwhelming glaring unfairness, and regardless of the Continuum dwelling within; they did not like it. They were more vocal than their peers; they felt a righteousness of cause, and absolute impunity in their logic.
Suddenly a large contingent of Virtues, Thrones, Dominion, and Seraphim transported, attacking the brotherhood in the rear sadistically. It became an altercation of prodigious proportions as billions joined the battle. There was nothing to lose now, they were irrevocably cursed. Brotherhood fled as total anarchy filled The Great House of The One. The One looked sadly from high above as billions surged in the unbelievably violent melee. The blame shifted to those who caused this to happen. Everyone knew their names. Nothing mattered anymore as the sea of life twisted hideously and groaned under the weight of the impossible judgment.
The whole pumped and flexed violently. And throughout the grunts of the brotherhood, the sonic screamings of the Elect, the roars of the Zoon, all fell deep into the darkest pit of insanity. Their bodies flowed together becoming a twisted mass of molten emotions of anger and despair. Luciah, his Illuminated Elite, and billions flowed intermittently above the mob as they were repeatedly slammed into the flooring, as the melee exploded into absolute pandemonium in the rear. Even the seven who stood by the One were caught off guard as they heard the judgment. Evidently, none, not even the twenty-four Elders knew what was going to happen this day - only The One and David knew.
What was most disconcerting was the loss of their pets, homes, trinkets and valuables; all their possession throughout the eternities - everything. Heaven, the glittering cities, and the whole universe was gone because of the brotherhood. Everyone knew it was bad, but no one thought it would be this deleterious; this was absolutely unthinkable, and forever unacceptable. And billions prayed for the cessation of life rather than do what The One wanted.
There was a bright flash and The One banded everyone. Billions stood frozen like twisted macabre statures as the Zoon growled like a billion lions roaring. Yahaveh floated off his throne landing softly to the floor. He did not say a word as the Foundations of All walked betwixt the frozen numbers. They were only able to move their eyes; their eyes followed him as he walked among them without saying a word. Much later, he then released them; everyone suddenly came to their senses falling to the floor in mass giving long overdue respect.
The One looked around tenderly and brought everyone to him. The whole packed tightly around him hoping for a second chance. He stood in the middle of his children scanning them as they anxiously waited for him to speak, emanating billows of genuine repentance and love towards him. Yahaveh sighed deeply. And they crowded even closer to him tenderly touching and probing him who was their Father. He sighed deeply again and began to speak to them gently.
"I feel your pain, the utter hopelessness and frustrations. You want someone to blame - Luciah would have been nobody without your support, acceptance, and tolerance. You lived among the monsters - yet you did not recognize they were turning you into them.
"I feel your disconcertion, but the whole universe has died out of great love for you, not for the punishment you perceive it to be. For when this new flesh age is over, we will once again swell with the brotherhood and love that ruled in all the backward eternities. I cannot accept your repentance. For verily I say to you, evil is not dead and I want it dead. It will rear its ugly head in our civilization again, even if I destroy those who have not repented and accept all the coals of love you are attempting to give me. I know this is hard, harder than hard, but by doing this our way I promise evil will become eternally dead. And there will be nothing but joy in the endless eternities ahead.


"The name of our civilization will always be Heaven. But Heaven must forever be cleansed from this evil. And this temporary inconvenience is worth the price of freedom, freedom from pain, tears, lies, and the seismic changes Heaven has endured. I also see the brotherhood and I sense genuine repentance within its majority. Yet, I stand adamant this intelligent cancer must be eternally removed from us. And this is the only way. Any stopgap measures will only produce temporary cessations from the baring of teeth. I want this to end.
Yahaveh continued his voice was still soft and tender towards them. "I will not ask you to do anything that we are unwilling to do. Even we will enter the circle of life; you will not be alone in this judgment. For what I demand of you, I will demand of myself also - so you will know The One is fair. We will join you in that world to come. And I promise you that we will not leave you alone. And when you return to us, you will never again be a beast with blood in its veins. You will never have to shiver in the cold or be fearful of evil again. And when this is all over, even the circle of life will be completely reconciled to me.
"It is not to punish you; the purpose is so you will be with me beyond the final eternity. Look to your right and to your left; see who is sitting next to you and say their names. Isn't this worth it to save him? Don't you want to laugh and play with him forever? Isn't he part of this family, regardless of what he's done? Don't you love him? Family is supposed to look out for each other. Will you help look out for your brothers? When you do this, I promise I will construct the next universe so grand that this one will pale in its magnificence. Trust me as I trust you to return to me from this fleshy quest to save our family, and rid Heaven of evil and the baring of teeth forever.
"To the spotless Elect who have displayed exquisite fidelity to us, you will be my generals who will carry the real truth of us from generation to generation. This is not mass punishment, but a glorious opportunity to save those we love dearly. For without the Elect also being in the flesh, as the institutions, powers, and governments muddy my truth, none will be able to discern the truth that gives eternal life. And all will fall into the dust of deception and ignorance about the nature of their Creator and his true expectations. You who are my Elect will be rewarded but not with land, position, high office, or status, but will own everything I own. You will be co-owners of my house that covers the known and unknown universes. You will be citizen of no nation - subservient only to us. You will live in the capital of the New Yahusalem that I will construct. All the kings of Heaven will honor you for all eternities for you are my didactic soldiers bringing the truth of me to all mankind. You will be well respected and loved fully in my new kingdom; this is the promise of The One to the innocent Election.
"If I knew who would love me or bare their teeth, all this would be unnecessary. I wouldn't have constructed their souls. This is common sense; I am incapable of creating a lion in the nursery - that would make me insidiously evil. I have never created evil. I cannot predict freewill for you do what you will despite my wishes, your thoughts and emotions being generated independently of me. How can I predict what has not been generated yet? We can do this together, because we care for our civilization and each other. If this could be done any other way, we surely would have done it."
The One smiled, "Do you think we relish going into the circle of life too? The circle of life was created to cleanse our children and provide a mechanism for reconciliation to us. For we always knew our children, like sheep, would eventually stray from our protection. Do you think we go for there for fun?"
The whole looked pensively at him for a moment and rushed to him. He held them and comforted them; and the good and the bad held each other in remembrance of what used to be, and when they broke off the embrace, they felt better. The One continued to speak.
"We did not destroy the home solar system; it is in reserve. In the next universe until the end of time, Terra will be called Earth. Earth will never pass away. Terra is synonymous with the betrayal to me, and I desire a new name synonymous with new beginnings."
Yahaveh paused scanning the billions of questions throughout the whole. He then continued.
"Earth will be a total wilderness, but we will control its history. It will be Luciah's world to rule. He cannot be born again due to his judgment of death. The huge creatures that roamed Heaven for all these eternities will not be reconstructed. Most will be destroyed, for our new construction will not be able to thrive or compete with them. And my main priority is for our new creation to thrive unmolested by Raptors, T-rexes and other super predators.
"There will be three major types of people in this flesh creation. There will be Elect, Freewill, and The Serpent Seed. The Serpent Seed will be the fifth sanctioned race of mankind. Only the Election will not have freewill. All others will have freewill. It is based on actions and works that were done here since the baring of teeth was revealed. The Election simply made all the right decisions and remained innocent and did not stumble or fall as the rest of you did in one way or another. You are precious to me despite whatever group you fall into. It is about your function in the grand tapestry of our plans within the circle of life construction. And regardless of that function, everyone will return to me for to be absent from the flesh is to return instantly to your origin: a number of life as you were originally constructed.
"Let us reason together. The Election was loyal; suppose for a moment they fell into perfidy in the flesh and forgot me. Would it be fair for me to condemn them when they were perfect here when it really counted, after I forced them to go? I think not. Therefore, I will mightily interfere in their lives to do my will without their consent, because they belonged to me from the beginning. They will never be able to say The One is unfair because I will maintain their salvation they have earned here, throughout the next universe of flesh. And I will not knock on the door of their hearts. Because they belong to me, I will do whatsoever is necessary to ensure they do our will. Therefore, I will not hesitate to kick in the door to their hearts. For even in the womb before they first open their eyes, they are mine; they will be literally born saved for they are mine, were mine, and will always be mine.
"And I will do what I will with them, even though they will not remember what they did here or who they really are. It is their manifest destiny to know me fully without superstition or traditions. Each one of my Election will arrive back to me fulfilled in their works, having run the race of life well, saved in their affect and loving me to their last breath. I will twist time and places, protect them, chastise them for their own good, move others to support and teach them until the day I reveal myself to them. These numbers of life I take to wife today shall be my Election, and they will be my new elite soldiers in the war of the minds coming in the universe of flesh."
There was not a sound; billion sat at rapt attention as they focused intently on what this mighty being was saying to them.
"However, the majority will possess freewill. Do not be misled; you are just as precious as those who didn't stumble. This would include those we were disappointed with, commonly known as the Ambivalent and the Moderates. Over half of all the numbers of life fall into these two categories. I have seen the genuine repentance you attempted to give me. If we accepted your repentance, we would not be able to pass this judgment. It is too late for the wheels have started turning. They must turn to crush the baring of teeth. Because you did not remain spotless in my eyes, I give you there what you have here now - your freewill. And that freewill you exercised here you'll take to the next universe of flesh. I am fair. Because you have the freewill to do what you want, I will gently knock on your hearts, never kicking in the door.
"My hope is that you use that freewill to find salvation. You can accept me or reject me. I will refuse to impose my will on you because you are not totally mine, for even if you invited me into your hearts, you can evict us and regress to the beast within. You wavered here in fidelity though you saw me face-to-face. I want you to make up your mind about what is really important. Entrapment is not the way of The One; it is the way of evil. Instead of marrying The Ambivalent or Moderates today, Yahshua will marry you at the end of the second universe when the baring of teeth is over. He will invite you to that marriage and supper; the repentance you offer today I will accept then when we take you to wife. We will become one forever. And believe me that will be a much greater and glorious celebration than this small marriage supper we will have today.
"This is the Trinity of the Flesh. Election and Freewill will be the four races of The One; the third flesh construction will be of Luciah. Luciah's progeny will rule over you. They shall be a small all-powerful shadow nation, carrying out the negative aspects of our plan of redemption. Their function is to test my children with an iron hand; yet even they may be saved by the simplest of things: repentance.
"There will be no memories of this universe or what happened here. It would defeat my purpose for anyone to remember this universe. You will be born innocent of woman to make the choice that should have been made here: life or death.
"And remember, no matter where you are in terms with us, remember we see your repentance now, and that means much to us. The wheels cannot be stopped, and I tell you in the end we will possess unspeakable joy again. If I accepted your repentance, eventually we'd have to travel down this same road again. I am a God of timetables and cycles, consummations and initiations, times and times and a half. And I swear to you on my holy name this struggle will end; the countdown has started today.
"You have seen the whiteness of the Throne Room. The whiteness represents the purity and fidelity I have found in my fiancé. Today we are going to marry and become one with those who will spread our word of origin in the next incarnation and universe. The Election will today become our wife; they shall be married to us forever. These numbers of life were flawless and without spot, not loving the fleeting sweetness more than me. They have been loyal. And we as a people will honor them.”
The One winked to his Throne as the Zoon fluttered their massive wings and began to vibrate a beautiful moving melody of love. Twelve billion acres flashed as trillions of flowers started falling from the ceiling. Everyone looked up at the rain of petals. Mariah, Jessah, Allayah, Yacobah, Anirrundda, Mabou, Elias, Jessah, and millions suddenly found themselves dressed in elaborate silver gowns, with the name Jeddiah stitched neatly across the right chest area. Jeddiah meant 'beloved of God'. The Throne room blinked and all were in front of the Thrones in a massive building covered with millions of white lilies. The music was amazing, a new song never heard before. The scene was surreal; so many flowers everywhere, falling like hard rain as The One and Yahshua floated in front of them.
The Continuum materialized between them. This was the first time any number ever saw the Continuum face-to-face. He looked like The One and Yahshua; they weren't twins but triplets. The numbers of life eyed the Continuum closely with awe and wonder. He was wearing a robe of light with a glittering gold crown on his head. The jaws of billions dropped in absolute shock in actually seeing this ghostly being as solid person. The Continuum was always something of a mystery to the numbers of life. And even more surprising he opened his mouth to speak for the first time in all the eternities. Mariah thought in awe, this is absolutely unbelievable.
"You will not be conformed to this fleshly world that is to come, but will transformed by my renewing of your mind. I am the Holy Spirit. I will help you prove what is good, acceptable, and perfect before The One. You will preach our acceptable Word to a totally deceived fallen world. The bridegroom is here to take these standing here to become one with us, for you have shown unwavering fidelity to us. We take you as our wife forever." And with those short words, the Continuum disappeared and re-entered them.
Suddenly a hard rain of olive oil saturated them where they stood, their silver robes sticking to their bodies, plastering their hair slick to their heads, and anointing them.
The One turned to the whole and said, "With this short ceremony they are now our wives." Huge tables materialized, and the whole sat down at the millions of tables and ate the marriage supper of The One.
The four beasts sang joyous songs of The One. And the whole ate an exotic banquet of fruit, wine, and cakes in one accord. And they fellowshipped in The Great House of The One celebrating the bridegroom and his new wife. After the supper, the tables were removed; a sparking city of transparent gold materialized with millions of built-in dimensional shifts.
Allayah held Mariah's hand. They knew this city would be their home until The One completed what he would do. The whole possessed the city; the Continuum congested thick as to what the future would bring.
Later, Luciah stood alone with Aarel and Freiel in the empty outskirts of the city discussing the troubling events, trying desperately to remain incognito, while the rest of his Illuminated Elite ministered in the northern section of the city to the unrepentant brotherhood.

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