We Are Not Fools

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This article is about the scam and spam mails which is trying to cheat us

We Are Not Fools

Every day we are receiving tons of emails in our inbox. Most of them are advertisement and other unwanted spam and scam messages. It is really hard to see our inbox at least one scam mail like winning lottery, Bank transactions, courier shipment undelivered, chain emails to forward other persons and so on. We all know this kind of mails are scams and reading them is waste of time. Most of us will delete this kind of mails without reading.

While seeing the subject line we can find about the email. Mostly this kind of emails will go to our spam and junk folders if we set our spam filters in on stage. Some times we can get this kind of mails in our inbox and ignoring them. We are not fool to believe this kind of fake emails. As well as we don't have enough time to read this kind of garbage mails.

In my opinion the sender of this mails are really fools and stupids, they also know that we don't give more importance to such kind of mails. Still they are sending this kind of mails every day in bulk manner using the automated software or with the help of robots. I wonder why they are wasting their precious time by sending this kind of mails? They don't get any benefits if the receiver ignore the mail. Very few people will read this kind of mails. If the reader believe the mail and send a reply to the mail or send some money to the sender then they will waste their time and money.

Most of us are very alert and ignore this kind of mails. The scammers need to be smart and find some other way to fool the people. As no one is ready to get fooled with this kind of repetitive mails which comes with the old style. We are more smart than this kind of mailers.


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