Ways to spot a cheater

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Contrary to what is widely believed, there are some sure ways to spot a cheater. There are some signs you need to identify.

Identify warning signs

Many people think they are being cheated, even though that is not the case. In order to know for sure if you are cheated or not, you need to identify some warning signs.

Too much work

This is probably the most common excuse a cheater comes up with. He has to stay at the office till late because something important came up, and none else can fix it but him. If this is happening too often, at least twice a week, you can rest assured this is a warning sign of infidelity, especially if you cannot reach your partner on the phone.

Becomes distracted easily

If you observe that while you are talking to your partner he becomes distracted quite often, he may be thinking of another person. In such a case, not only will he deny doing that, but he will also become irritated when you confront him about it. He will likely accuse you of overeacting and even for stirring up a fight.

Takes extremely good care of himself

If your partner starts taking extremely good care of himself, more than before, that also may be a sign of infidelity. If he starts following a strict diet, spends hours in the shower and in the mirror, and he does not seem to care how you feel about it, then he probably does it for another woman, in an attempt to impress her.

He is suddenly short on cash

If your partner starts claiming that he is short on cash, and cannot afford buying you stuff or going out with you, but still finds enough money to buy things for himself and go out with ''friends'', then maybe he is cheating on you. In such a case, he tries to save some money to spend it with his new girlfriend.

Cell phone bill off the charts

If your partner's cell phone bill is off the charts and you notice phone numbers you don't recognise in them, this is also an indication that he may be cheating on you. If you notice that these phone calls take place late at night , this is a further indication that things may go wrong.

It is better to be safe, than sorry

The above outlined signs may indicate that you are being cheated on. If all the above are happening simultaneously, this more than just a possibility.


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author avatar Denise O
20th Nov 2010 (#)

Yep, those are sure signs for the most part.
Now to get folks to open up their eyes and see it, is the problem.
Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Maria Papadopoulou
20th Nov 2010 (#)

You are welcome...you know, it is easier to identify those signs when they involve other people instead of us.

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