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This is an article giving helping students find ways to go to college. It will list funding options and college options for students. This information might not be accurate for people from all countries. I am sorry, but this article is directed at people from the U.S.

Your State Opitions

I live in the great state of Louisiana. (P.S. it's not so great) Here we have a high school scholarship called TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students). This is a program that gives up to a certain amount of money for every person in Louisiana to go to college. The only catch is we have to follow are certain set of guidelines we must follow for our four years in high school. If we don't follow them we lose the scholarship. The issue with me writing this article is that these programs change, and they are different from state to state, and I do not have time to go through the programs for every state. But luckily this is the internet and someone else has helped me out with that. Go to this website to find information about the scholarships your state offers.

Federal Options

Before I begin I will mention that to apply for most college federal scholarships you will need to fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid). There are many different Federal programs that will help you to go to college, but some of the things you need to consider are 1) race: your race can help you a lot to go to college; even though I disagree with this method I do believe that if you are going to use the money honestly then it cannot hurt you to apply for a minority scholarship. 2) Disablity:if you have any sort of disability or disadvantage you may be able to receive financial aid to compensate for your disadvantage. The only advice I will give is don't lie don't tell them you have a disadvantage that you do not it is dishonest and will come back to bite you. 3) Your Income: Some people can find scholarships based on whether or not they have the financial need for them. Middle class people even if you do not have low income there is some help for you available too. You just have to look for it. 4) Test Scores: Your test scores will greatly affect the scholarships you can receive and the amount of money you can get. Scoring well on the ACT/SAT can help you have a free ride to college.

Sports and its role in bringing you to college

Many people rely on a sports scholarship to bring themselves into college, but what they do not realize is that these scholarships are limited. Also if you are trying to rely on a sports scholarship to bring you to college you have to realize relying solely on sports might limit your options. This is because normally with a sports scholarship the college pays for you to go to college, therefore, if you are relying solely on a sports or athletic scholarship you will have to settle for only the colleges that offer it. To obtain an athletic scholarship you must maintain a certain grade point average (GPA), and if you do not you will lose your scholarship and be kicked out of college. If your know that you have trouble in school and are relying solely on a sports scholarship you might need to seek some help before going down that road. These are many ways to get into college I'm sure there are more, and if you know of any feel free to post them in the comments.

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This is some good info. I also like that you pointed out, not to lie. Very good. Thank you for sharing.:)

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