Ways to be Manly and Impress Women

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If you are looking for ways to be manly and impress women here are some great tips for you to utilize. Remember being manly does not only mean that you possess greater strength than the female sex. There are several ways to be manly in the sense that you look and behave more like what an ideal man should. On reading this you will get a good idea of how to be manly and grab the attention of the female sex. Granted that it is not easy to impress women, these steps may prove handy to you.

Personality tips

Here are some ways to be manly and impress women. They are basically personality tips which will let you understand how to be manly and will help you in impressing women. Read on:


A dumb man is an embarrassment. However, if you don’t know something, admit it rather than beating about the bush since that leaves a bad impression on everyone around you.

Develop a sense of humor. Or polish it if you do have one. There is nothing more appealing to a woman than a man with a sense of wit and humor.

If you cannot be witty, be silent. A strong, silent man is any day better than a vulgar creature. Women find it hard to forgive vulgarity and crudeness.

Curb all signs of pomposity. Nothing turns off women faster than a pompous prig!

Etiquette and manners are important. Don’t ever be rude to the staff at a salon, shop or restaurant. Ever.

Make eye contact with everyone you talk to. A woman knows that she can read a man by the way he locks his gaze with her.

Always keep your cool. Grace under pressure is an individual’s greatest asset.


Keep fit and your body streamlined. A man developing a pot-sized belly is a man going down the drain.

Smoking is not a manly thing to do. Rather it is stepping on the road to lung cancer and that is certainly not sexy!

Don’t ever drink more than you can handle. The next day, you may not remember that you made a fool of yourself. But everyone else will and for days on end, too!

Very few men carry off long hair with panache. So stick to well-groomed, well-cut hair and leave the tumbling tresses to rock stars.

Keep your finger nails filed short, clean and buffed. Be vigilant about this.

Find and stick to the fragrance or cologne that best defines you. See that it never fails you.

Moisturize. It will help soften your skin. Do not think that moisturizers are only for women!


Do not be afraid to show your caring side. Only boors will see it as a weakness and boors are a fast dying species!

Don’t deny your relationship history and the women you’ve loved in the past. Stop to chat civilly with them when you meet them.

Never lie to your woman. Remember honesty has always been the best policy!

Promiscuity in the times of AIDS is stupid.

Be gentle with your woman all the time. If she wanted a rough time, she would be with Hulk Hogan, not you!

Respect her need for privacy and don't crowd her space.

If something about her confuses you, ask. Don’t assume! Many a relationship has been wrecked on the basis of assumption and presumption.

Raise your kids together. Parenting is an equal rights-equal duties occupation.

I hope that these tips will prove beneficial to you and help you to know the ways to be manly and impress women.

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