Ways to Calm a Fussy Baby

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Useful tips and tricks to soothe your crying baby.

Crying is all They Have

You know that all babies can become fussy. However that does not make it any less stressful or frustrating for you, when your baby has been crying for an extended period of time. A baby’s only form of communication is crying. They do this when they are hungry, tired, over-stimulated, feeling discomfort, or just want your attention.

You have checked your baby’s diaper, fed and burped them, and checked to see if he/she is teething. You have ensured they are not too hot or cold, and they have already had their nap. Yet, your baby is still crying.

When you are at a loss for reasons why your little one is in tears, and how you can calm them, you can try the following ideas:

Tricks for You to Try

- Turn off the lights and play soft music in your baby’s room.

- Take your little one outside. Many babies enjoy being outside where they can see the birds and activities of the neighborhood.

- Place your baby in his/her swing, or rock them yourself. This gentle movement can have an extreme calming effect.

- Turn on the ceiling fan and stand under it. Many babies are mesmerized by the motion and/or sound of ceiling fans.

- Distract your baby from their tears with the baby in the mirror. Often, this "mirror baby” intrigues your newborn so much that they will stop crying.

- Hold your baby so their ear is close to your mouth, and in very quiet tones make a humming or shushing noise.

- Many babies enjoy the sound of the vacuum running, so place your baby in an area where they can see you, and listen to the vacuum.

- Do laundry with your baby in the room, as they enjoy the “hum” of the dryer, and the “whooshing” sound of the washer.

- Put your baby in the car and go for a ride. Often, a baby will be calmed by the sound of loud tires and/or the hum of an engine.

- Use the rock/sway method. Stand and place your baby’s back against your chest, and gently shift your weight from one foot to the other.

- Get your baby a safe stuffed animal that is created with the sounds of the womb. This is what your baby is used to hearing, and many babies settle down quickly with these.

- Try the bounce/jiggle technique. Hold your baby with his/her back against your chest, and slightly bounce or jiggle your baby up and down.

- Try swaddling your baby, since this restricts the movement of his/her limbs, and provides your baby with a feeling of security and warmth.

- Whether you think you can sing or not, your baby will love the sound of your voice. Try singing a lullaby to your baby in a hushed tone.

- Put your baby in a warm tub. This alone has a soothing effect on little ones. You can up the chance of your baby responding to this by adding in a drop of lavender or chamomile, as each of these scents has relaxation properties.

- Baby massage is not only soothing to your baby, but it has many healthbenefits as well. Take a few moments to gently rub your baby’s back, chest, stomach, arms and legs.

Your baby can and will pick up on your tension, and this will only increase their crying spell. Ask your spouse, mother, or friend to help you. Have them watch your baby so that you can escape the frustration of crying. This brief escape does not make you a bad mother. You need this, so that you can calm yourself down, and be better prepared emotionally to help your child.

It may not hurt to check with your baby’s doctor. Uncontrollable crying for extended periods of time can be a sign of colic. Colic, while not overly serious, can begin in the first month of your baby’s life, and normally begins to taper off at around three to four months.

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