Ways to Avoid the Bridezilla Syndrome

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Now as we said, this could be you! If so, then bless your groom, seamstress and anyone else who has to put up with you! Seriously though, no one likes a Bridezilla.

Ways to Avoid the Bridezilla Syndrome

As dictionary.com so eloquently put it, a Bridezilla is a noun (understand that means it could be you); you could be that bride who “focuses so much on the event that she becomes difficult and obnoxious…”

They suck. So, here are some ways to avoid the Bridezilla syndrome for those of you who may be the Ultra Cool Bride, and for those of you who have already cursed your seamstress four times, and slapped your maid of honor. (Obviously, you are who this article is all about…!)

Please try to remain calm

Even when your mother in-law (who you can’t stand by the way) insists on wearing a color that throws off your pictures (damn her!) or the stupid florist just can’t seem to get it right, remain calm. As a bride you have a lot going on. Yes, there will be a few glitches in your wonderfully thought out plan, but rest assured that in the end no one is going to remember that you carried ten Calla Lilies instead of eight, and trust me, if you don’t like her, it’s a sure bet that your best friends think she sucks too! And that should make you feel better, because you know that you have support when you need to bitch about her later.

Instead, everyone will remember how beautiful and happy you looked, how fun your wedding was, and how glad they are that it’s over! Relax and have a good time; it’s your wedding day. If you’re still in the beginning stages of planning, know that there will always be something that does not go exactly as planned, especially if you are having a large wedding and children are involved. Crack the whip if need be, but learn to laugh at the little things that you just cannot control.

Plan in advance

If you give yourself and your poor groom (who doesn’t really care to keep tasting cakes and looking at reception halls, but will do it anyway because he’s scared of you right now) more time to plan, things are more likely to go smoother. Planning things at least a year in advance takes the pressure off getting the date you want at the reception hall that everyone else seems to want. And, with all the planning a wedding takes, the more time you have, the more time you have to do everything that needs to be done. Also, consider hiring a wedding planner.

Although you may have been the secretary of student council in high school, and you can always find exactly what you’re looking for in your purse, weddings take a different kind of organization. A professional wedding planner will know exactly when things need to be done, and they will probably have good relationships with vendors and be able to pass special discounts on to you and your future hubby. If you’re still not sold on a wedding planner, think about it this way: You have a professional who is COMPLETELY dedicated to making your wedding run smoothly, their sole job is to keep YOU happy, and they will TOTALLY understand why you think you need to have three rehearsal dinners instead of one! Ultimately, a wedding planner is a great investment that will save you time, money and give you piece of mind when you need it the most. What more could you ask for Bridezilla?

Keep things simple

Finally, if all else fails and you’re becoming the bride from hell (or if you already know that it’s been pre-determined that you’re gonna be a Bridezilla) KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. Yes, yes, yes, as little girls most of dreamed of our big day where we wore that beautiful white dress (ooops, never mind we already lost our virginities) and our tall, dark and handsome soon-to-be looked like he wanted to cry as we walked down the aisle….Sometimes we have to face reality. Whether it be budget reasons, dysfunctional families or whatever, it’s not always possible for us to have that fairy tell wedding we all wanted. BUT…don’t fret.

You can still have a remarkably beautiful and unforgettable wedding. Sometimes though, a few small adjustments need to be made. Not flying those wild orchids in from Thailand and letting go of a few of your fifteen maids (hey, you were in a sorority. Whatever.) will decrease your stress tenfold. Even planning a less formal wedding will add a few bucks to the bank account while still giving you the most important features you wanted.

If all else fails, take a break from planning and relax. Treat yourself to a nice mani-pedi or get a massage. We all know that the stress of planning a wedding lies with women, and sometimes it gets to the best of us. That’s o.k. It’s just important to turn it around when you feel it going there. Try to focus on the larger picture, and that is that you are about to spend the rest of your life with the man of your dreams. Don’t get hung up on those details. Allow yourself some time to enjoy things, and perhaps revisit your priorities.

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